About Me

Let me start off by saying I hate writing. Yup, I hate it. Never going to like it and I never will. So why did I start a blog? Well because I talk about shows so much with my friends that I thought I could share my opinion with the world, but that meant writing a lot, which I'm not okay with, but I sucked it up and here I am!

TV is my life. Okay it's not really my life, but I love watching. Now I don't watch everything, but I do watch tons of shows ranging from action to drama and even some comedy on the side. I watch a lot of TV because I like stories and even though most stories are copycats of others, I think, it's the way you tell a story that counts. 

As of right now, I am 25 years young female living close enough to Philadelphia to visit, but far enough away to say I don't live there. I am such a suburban girl. I work in Delaware and sometimes I visit New York to hangout with friends, so I'm all over the place.

This is my first blog so it's a work in progress.

Be sure to come back and check out my blog.
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