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So I just had a great idea and thought I should share it. I've been doing a lot of editing to this blog and even looked up a few things about blogs in general and I realized that I want to make this blog different from the rest.

Originally, I was just going to post about TV shows that I watch and review what happened that episode, but now I think I'm going to write about the shows as if I was a background character just witnessing it all happen. Makes it more fun for me since I kind of get to review/recap in my own style. I mean this is called Diva's Diary. I just liked the ring to it, but I guess I can write it as if it was my actual diary, which I tried to have once, but I couldn't remember what happened that day and I was just too lazy to write it.

WYBMS (Will You Be My Servant)

I'm a storyteller. I love telling stories to people especially when they've never heard it before. It makes it more fun for me. I do tend to get sidetracked and start telling another story while I'm still telling the story I began with, but eventually it all gets out there in the end.

So what's with the Will You Be My Servant? Well a while ago (3 years?), I was on another blog site and it was asking for original content for a manga, specifically yuri content. Now, I love a good yuri; however, to me, most yuri mangas are a hit or a miss. Mostly misses. Either they're subtext heavily (Marimite) or lightly (Saki) or it's straight up hentai (Shoujo Sect). The ones I mentioned are animes as well and I like them all for what they are. But even yuri animes are rare. If a yuri anime is on just watch it even if it's bad because it seems like it takes forever and a day to witness another yuri series.

However, there are some really good yuri mangas out there, one that I truly love is Girl Friends (this needs to be an anime). Currently, I'm reading Citrus that is ongoing at the moment. So there are good ones out there, I just think there should be more.

Anyway, so back to this blog. At first, I thought that's pretty cool, I would love to read some new stories. I kept thinking to myself, if I did write a story what would I write about. Most likely about teenagers in high school that was easy because it's the norm, but what would make this story different from the rest? That's kinda how this story evolved into what it is today.

Sadly the story was never made into a manga (the blog shut down) but I did write a bunch of the story out and I feel like it would be a waste if I didn't share it. So I'll be posting bits and pieces of it on here. I never did finish it (it was suppose to be a long series) but if people are interested I'll keep on writing it.

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