Tuesday, January 13, 2015

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For POI, the trilogy ends tonight.

S1 E12
Henry has been out of the game for over 3 weeks, trying to cope with the fact that he took another man's life. However, due to Abe's war buddy's son being murdered, Henry decides to work the case.

Case-of-the-week: A would have been whistle blower was killed for his attempt to reveal the company's Ponzi scheme.

Jo notices Henry doing everything possible to stop the perps from fleeing even if that means standing in front of a moving vehicle. Jo has been down that road herself since she killed someone this past season and says being with Henry helps her cope. Hopefully, Jo can do the same for Henry.

Flashback: Abe had been drafted into the Vietnam War and decides not to run away from it like his parents wanted.

Is Jo's partner officially gone now? I didn't mind the guy, but he was kind of useless.

S3 E11
Dawson and Casey are on a break and Dawson decides to leave the apartment in attempt to fix their professional careers. Hopefully this leads them to officially breakup since I think they make better friends and I'm still rooting for Mills and Dawson. Dawson will now be staying with Brett.

Last time, we were left hanging with Mills and Brett's life hanging in the balance. It was a setup by the boy's father that Peter Mills saved. The father obviously still blames him even though it's not Mills fault. Eventually, Brett and Mills were saved, but the 2 guys who kidnapped them weren't talking. Brett cashed in her chip from the helicopter save from a previous episode. Mills was able to talk to one of the guys and what he said convinced him to tell the truth and now the father was arrested, but like the guy said, I don't think the arrest will be the end to this story.

Boden's baby had problems breathing on its own, which almost lead to more complications like brain damage. In the end, everything was fine and Boden finally got to hold his child.

The last save of the day, Dawson notices a newspaper cutout of Shay in the storage unit they put out the fire, it looks like an arsonist's lab. Most likely someone set the fire Shay died in.

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