Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Good Wife S6 E21 Review

Hey People,

Remember when I told you about how Alicia only does something out of reactions? I mean, even in this episode she did the exact same thing she always does. The prosecutor made a comment about Alicia stepping down and that's what made Alicia take the case. She wouldn't have taken the case otherwise. Alicia is seriously the McFly of the law. Just say the word chicken and she'll want to prove you wrong. Her starting her own firm is the first time I can think of where she didn't do something out of reaction. She genuinely thought of this herself. No gut reaction, no input from anyone, it was all her.

A lot of people commented that this episode reminded them of what The Good Wife is all about. I loved this episode because for one, it brought back an old case. I love when shows bring back old cases because it shows their longevity (like SVU). And two, it compared old Alicia to new Alicia. Now I'm not one of those people that hate new Alicia because she's no longer "the good wife" but I do have to admit this episode did a fantastic job at showing how much Alicia has changed. Alicia used to want to fight for the innocent and not so much the guilty. Now Alicia doesn't care so much. All she wants to do is win. With starting her own firm, she can now choose who to represent. I think this will be good for her. If Finn comes along that would be an extra bonus because that man is good all over and he will make sure Alicia doesn't go astray from the "good" path.

I don't think this will be the same as LG versus FA. I think Alicia will help those who can't afford the help of Cary and crew, so I don't think they will be competing against each other, so the only problem I see right now is how the Kings will have time to fit both firms in the picture and no one wants another merger. I think we've had enough of those. Some people commented that it's turning into the Alicia show and I never understood this argument. This show has always been about Alicia, when was it not? It's been about Alicia and the people in her life. If she's no longer working with Diane and Cary, then we won't see them as much. She can always seek their council if she needs to. 

Can we please talk about those Kalinda and Alicia scenes? Now I've heard that their will be a scene between them in the finale, this I have to see because if it's anything like last week and this week, I'm going to be so upset. I don't know if this is a running joke or there really is a fight between the actresses. The scene from back in the day just shows how great of a friendship they really had. It's because of Kalinda that Alicia was able to state her as her confidant. Yes, it was convenient of Alicia to say Kalinda and yes Alicia lied, but like good old Kalinda said, it's a lie, but as long as it's not under oath, it's okay. Kalinda is so wise and Alicia has become just as wise in her years. Alicia was right, the law is neutral and lawyers exist to use it for good or bad. I'm just glad Alicia won't be writing that book after all. More court for us then.

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P.S. Some people are getting this wrong. Even though Alicia told the judge she got the info from Kalinda, Kalinda wouldn't be in danger of going to jail. Even if it was true, Kalinda didn't commit a crime. She wasn't a part of the investigation, and therefore, can talk all she wants. It's hearsay, but since Alicia was asking the source, it's permissible to ask. So no, Alicia didn't get Kalinda into trouble. Kalinda should go to jail for so many other things, this isn't one of them.

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