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S1 E20
Jane wants full custody! That's just harsh. I know Rafael broke her heart and all, but seeking sole custody is just too much. I worry that Jane will become a totally different person now. I like loving, fun, believes in fairy tales Jane. I don't want her to change.

I really hope Luisa is a main character next year. When she comes in, it's like a breath of fresh air. She's a scene stealer. Although she can leave her girlfriend at the door. Juicy really? Anytime I hear that name, I cringe. Hopefully that sibling talk talked some sense into Rafael and made him realize he made a mistake in lying to Jane by telling her he didn't love her. But it may be too late because chick has gone off the deep end.

Xo and Rogelio are still broken up and I don't blame Rogelio for sticking to is guns. Obviously this isn't what he wanted, but at least he has his old job back with producer credit. As for Alba, well chick is getting her groove on with a priest. I'm surprised at myself for wanting to see where this story goes.

I don't see why anyone can't explain to Jane that family lie for each other just like she would do for her family. So how can she hate on Petra for doing the same and asking Rafael to fire her, which is impossible. He got her mother fired. Why can't she give him some credit for that. Petra still wants Rafael so she's playing nice for now. I'm just hoping this show doesn't revert back to the beginning of the series before their season ends because that looks like where everything is heading. Jane with Michael, Rafael with Petra, and Jane suing someone and still knocked up. But I trust these writers because so far they've been doing a great job their first run unlike another show I watch.

S7 E21
I enjoyed last week's episode for the most part, but I think Castle is having a problem with creating good red herrings. An ISIS wannabe, but it turns out it was his brother who wanted to be part of the group, but the guy wanted to go back home to Syria to visit his sick mother so he stole a passport to get on a flight. How the hell did he steal a black guy's passport and get away with boarding a plan? Why the hell did Castle and friends think there might be a bomb on the plan? Don't you think they would check luggage for those sort of things? The story was solid as a whole though. Oh and that girlfriend setup was a bunch of crap. Castle writers, you can do better than this.

Case-of-the-week: Castle meets Snakes on a Plane (I still need to watch that movie). Castle and Alexis solves a case in midair about a flight attendant who stole a $13 million watch because cheap bastards don't want to pay tax on importing/exporting shit. She had it all planned out, but the air marshal was onto her and so she killed him.

Anyway I enjoyed the beginning and the end. I just hated the middle. I hope in the future there can be a Beckett and Alexis case they can solve together. I'm still looking for those mother and daughter moments.

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