Thursday, November 6, 2014

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So we learn more about a certain person of interest, which makes me think he's not the real killer either, but let's dive in it.

Carver was invited to dinner and even though he still doesn't get along with Miller, it seems the husband speaks his language. He was also find out that Carver was married and has a 17 year old daughter. Who knew?

Mark Solano is still a snake, but at least the truth is out in the open now since Beth told him she had seen it with her own eyes. Now why did Beth agree to talk to the media when the cops told them over and over again of why that's a bad idea, I don't even know and it's not like it helped there situation. I can understand if Chloe fell for Renee's lines, but not her. I guess grief makes people do stupid things.

Speaking of Renee, she's just using people left and right. I slept you with you that doesn't make you my boo, Owen. Okay she didn't really say that, but you get the gist of it.

Speaking of Owen, he and Jack got into a tiff of some sort. Well I guess if someone came up to me and asked if I sexually assaulted a kid, I would be a bit upset about it too, even if I did the crime because this guy has known me for so many years. So I don't blame Jack and the fact that he found Danny's phone makes me less suspicious of him so I don't think he did it. Plus, now he's too obvious.

Okay who says I know people that will rape you? If I was Kathy I would have replied back I know people, who wouldn't rape you and it's not because they're not rapists. Girl is messed up. I hope Kathy doesn't back down now. She doesn't seem like the type that will.

Paul was interrogated and doesn't raise any flags with them so far, but he did with me.

Side notes: Vince still trying to get a promotion out of Mark, Gemma knows about Carver's conditon, and Paul held a service for everyone.

After watching the last episode, I want to say screw these case-of-the-weeks and let's just skip to the night of the murder. With that said, let's get to the case-of-the-week which actually wasn't bad at all.

Annalise has to fight for a man's appeal on death row and Frank's father among other skeevy characters including a senator set him up just so they can move ahead in the world. In the end, they find out the teacher, who witnessed the death row man with a gun, had a lied, but the judges saw that even if she was telling the truth it was still circumstantial. FREEDOM! The case will be retried.

Meanwhile while Frank was dealing with daddy issues over the case, Wes made a deal with Annalise that is she got Rebecca back by any means necessary, he wouldn't go to the police. Annalise found a way to get Rebecca to come back, but at the cost of a football player. Frank and Annalise set up the football player, boyfriend of the decease, by planting the phone in his car, but first wiped it down so the pictures couldn't be traced back to the source. What they didn't know was that Nate, the ex-detective, had someone following them that took really good pictures of the set up. I wonder what type of camera he used? They were really good.

Also of note, Frank and Laurel are both into each other, but Bonnie had a talk with Laurel explaining to her that she wants a future that Frank won't be a part of because she's ambitious. So Laurel tells of Frank and that's the end of that for now.

In the present, we find out what Asher was doing that. Mostly b*ch*ng if you ask me, but he did get it in with Bonnie so I guess that's a plus. We not only see these 2 for the first time in the present, but we also see Annalise, who's asking where her husband at. We still don't know how Michaela ends up stealing the trophy from Asher.

You know what bugged me about this episode the most? I don't seem to understand what's with Wes's fascination over Rebecca. I can understand why you want to help a girl out, but to this extent I just don't get. They barely have talked except for the last 2 episodes. I don't think they had that strong of a bond for Wes to warrant this type of behavior--blackmail. Also, how is Wes okay with Annalise setting up the footballer? From what we know of Wes so far, I don't think it would sit well with him. But he acted like he didn't even care. It was all yay now I can get my boo back. One more thing, I'm actually upset that Annalise gave that speech at the end about how she needs her husband. She's such a strong character that for her to be like "I need you" made her so weak. At first, I thought she was talking about how she needed him for social reasons. What type of hold does her husband have over her?

Let me end on a good note. I did like that Annalise's speech to the senator.

Luv ya,

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