Thursday, May 21, 2015

Chicago Fire Season 3 Finale Review

Hey People,

I'm kind of upset on how things ended this season. Don't get me wrong this has been the best finale they've had so far (hated last year's), but I just didn't like how some of the stories ended.

  • With Casey, I hated how the stripper was found dead in his place. I liked her. Why did they have to kill her? However, I like the story-line and am invested in what happens next.
  • Otis was being a dick. I hated how he was right about Rice being a ducker because he was being a dick the whole time about it. As much as I understand Rice's situation (if he dies no one will be left to take care of his kid), he should really think about getting a job that doesn't involve him possibly dying. It did however show that Severide puts his job before his friends.
  • I'm not feeling Brett hooking up with CPD guy and am hoping that it was a one time thing. I really wanted Brett and Otis to hook up, but since he was being a dick recently, I'm not feeling it anymore.
  • Dawson is most likely pregnant and as much as I would like to see this situation play out--having a pregnant firefighter--I really don't want Dawson pregnant. I wanted the Casey and Dawson thing to be over and for some damn reason the writers keep pushing them back together somehow. I miss the good old days when they were just friends.
  • Boden saves the day! Man, that was a great save. I got the feels on that, but I also got the feels of Dawson and Severide when they thought they were going to die. It made me think of Severide and Dawson being together and I kind of like that idea. I'm actually surprised it hasn't happened sooner because of Shay dying. I mean, did you see the way he pulled her closer when they were just lying there. It's something to think about. I much rather have that than Casey and Dawson and Severide with Dr. chick.
  • Still in love with Chilli and Herrmann's relationship. Even though, their invention didn't work out, he still has faith that she'll come up with another idea. 
  • I felt it was so random how Cruz became on rescue. Just so random. I think they should have just brought someone else in to be honest. 
I don't know why I wrote this in bullet form, but it worked out. I'll be back for season 4 when it comes back. They'll have to make a new poster because 2 of the people in it are no longer part of the show anymore.

Luv ya,

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