Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Jane The Virgin Season 1 Finale Review

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I guess I'm going to put out a review everyday since I only have shows Saturday and Sunday, but forget about that and let's talk about the biggest surprise Jane the Virgin. I came in thinking this show would be horrible based on the premise and it turned out to be the most delightful network television show. I could always count on JtV to be entertaining. There was not one bad episode throughout the entire season. My friend knew I watched and when she asked me if she should try it I said go for it. It never hides its roots of being a soap opera telenovela, but I think it's the fact that they know that, which makes the show better. In a way, they make fun of themselves for it. I mean, they gave us a narrator and may I say the best narrator ever. My friend and I, both agree that we would want him to narrate our lives. Gina Rodriguez (Jane Villanueva) deserves to be a Golden Globe winner, but there has to be some way for the narrator to win something. If not, they should make up a category for him to win in. They should call it Best Narration. There are tons of narrations done on TV now, so why not? Anyway this show was a gem and I'm glad it proved me wrong. It turned out to be my favorite new show of the season and my 2nd favorite network overall.

That ending, that ending, that ending. I know this may be weird, but I saw this coming while I was watching. I said to myself that they couldn't steal the baby that would be too dramatic and Jane would go crazy because she's the girl with a plan and a kidnapping is not part of the plan. I thought Petra would be the one to steal the baby. She is on the crazy side of life, but no, she just stole Rafael's sperm instead. That sperm bank that took over must not be any better than the last one because they let an ex-wife take her ex-husband's sperm. Does that mean Petra will be the one pregnant next year? It could happen, I could totally see it going down that way. I'm just surprised that Petra thought of doing this at all. If someone told me they didn't want me being a part of their life, then I wouldn't be. I know when I'm not wanted. However, this crazy chick instead thinks sperm. Must have his sperm. Come on Petra, if it didn't work for you the first time, then what makes you think it would work now? Why is baby her go to? Girl needs therapy. Side note: It was totally fun seeing Petra's mother in jail.

Xo and Rogelio made it on time to see their grandson and Alba was also there as was Rafael. I'm still wondering what's going to happen with Alba and the priest. Rafael and Jane weren't expecting a boy and I wasn't expecting that long ass name, Mateo Glorino Rogelio Solano Villanueva, but he'll go by just Matelio Mateo.

Jane didn't choose between Michael and Rafael because the only boy she wants to focus on is her son. May I say this is the best love-triangle I have ever seen on television. To me, there really isn't a clear winner. I could see Jane ending up with both of them. Michael always knows the right thing to say, but he is also the safe choice. Rafael is the fantasy and more importantly he's the father of their child. Rafael will spend any amount of money to find his child and Michael would use his job to do the same.

Speaking of Michael and his job, he's still trying to track down Sin Rostro. I have no idea why Rose would want that baby. I also have no idea how Jane will react. She will most definitely blame herself for handing over the child and I could see her thinking of herself as a bad mother. But after she's gone through those steps, I'm pretty sure we'll get to see angry Jane again and that bitch is scary.

What I would love to happen next season is Luisa becoming a main character and Billy, Michael's brother, becoming more involved. I feel as though he was supposed to be more important in the show and they just haven't gotten around to using him yet. Other than that I have no criticism. This show was spot on and entertaining as always. If you're looking for a show to binge on like my friend was, I would highly recommend putting this on top of your list.

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