Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Castle Season 7 Finale Review

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The Wire! I know I've been doing this a lot, but I can't help it. It's just great seeing people from The Wire on other shows, but I'll get to that in a little bit. Well wasn't this a pleasant surprise. No cliffhanger. I kid you not, they said they were going to leave us hanging with one, but because of the uncertainty of next season, they wrapped up the story, so it turned out to be a regular case-of-the-week, but at the same time it wasn't.

I kind of hated how they sprung this out of nowhere story of Castle almost dying by the hands of a maniac, who likes to kill people who won't be missed. Umm...okay, random. However, I'll forgive the show because it was far better than that horrible story-line of Castle missing. Oh how I wish they would have switch those stories around. I wish this episode was the arc-story and the missing story was a one off. Anyway, Castle remembers his first dead body and always wondered who the woman was and who killed her. He said that's what made him want to be a mystery writer. Wait a minute, I thought he wanted to be a writer to make up for cheating in high school. It was kind of strange for the episode to focus on the message of what made you who you are and where you will go when they can't even remember why Castle became a writer.

Back to the story, 30 years later someone finally sees the killer and Castle is determined to find him. I don't know about you, but I was totally thinking of Scream with that mask. Eventually, Castle hears the therapist's voice and instantly knows it was him. Doesn't a person's voice change over time? However, I will let it go because this made the episode different. It wasn't about finding who had done it, it was about proving how he did it. I liked the change. I can see why the writers wanted to extend this story because I wouldn't mind being left on a cliffhanger with this one. Castle goes to the farm the killer owns and finds his evidence, but the killer is also there. They get into a brawl and what I think is the most pivotal moment is when Beckett hands the gun to Castle. The scene just screamed trust to me. For Beckett, she had to trust Castle would use it appropriately, and for Castle, he had to trust Beckett to give him the gun before the killer could slit his throat. The episode ended with everyone being invited to an event honoring Castle and if that was the series finale, I wouldn't have been mad about it.

Now onto the most talked about portion of the episode. Senator Beckett or Captain Beckett? If the show ended, I'm pretty sure we would think she took the senator job, but since the show is coming back I'm pretty sure she'll take the captain position, but that will take some time, so meanwhile, nothing will have changed and we'll still see Castle working with Beckett. I think eventually she will become a senator just not now. So the guy of the future was right and man did Lance Reddick (The Wire, Fringe) go hard on Beckett. Don't expect any less from him and I still love him.

There has been some speculation about Beckett being pregnant. People are watching what she drinks, or maybe I should say what she's not drinking. This would follow what future guy said about Beckett having 3 kids. I wouldn't have a problem with a pregnancy. I think it's due with them. I always think of that one episode where Castle and Beckett had to take care of a baby and that was a good episode. Granted, the baby was involved in the case-of-the-week, but I think the writers could make it work. This could also be a way to give Stana Katic some time off if she wants any. She is coming back for season 8 so the 2 main players will be there come fall. I really don't care about anyone else maybe expect for Ryan and Esposito, it would be odd if they weren't there to help solve a case. If they come back that's cool and if they don't, I won't think it's a total loss because Castle hasn't been using them appropriately as of late. Look at Lanie, where is she half the time?

Season 7 would probably go down as one of the worst seasons, however it does contain one of my favorite episodes "Once Upon A Time In The West" so I can't be completely disappointed in it. I will be back next season and I'm hoping that the first episode finishes the Castle missing story because I really don't want to dive in it later. The writers must know by now that no one likes that ridiculous story. If it's the final season, I hope they announce it will be and something tells me that it should be, but that's just me.

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