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S5 E5
Dany is getting married, again. It worked so well last time. She's getting married for political reasons and she's reinstated the arena so free men can fight. I'll settle for anything that gets her out of that hell hole. I need her to start sailing. Grey Worm and Missandei finally kissed. I'm guessing that's all we'll ever see from them.

Jon Snow is going on a trip north of the wall to gather up the Wildlings. He's agreed to let them go south of the wall, if they agree to help with winter. This didn't sit well with most watchers, but they have to deal because if they don't get help they'll all die at the hands of walkers. Stannis has lent Snow ships to help carry them. Meanwhile, Stannis is on his way out to take the north from the Boltons at Winterfell.

Sansa finally saw Theon aka Reek. Rage and sadness filled her all at once. The Boltons should never be trusted, but at least Sansa knows now that if she's ever in need, all she has to do is light a candle in a tower. The back story of how Ramsay's mother was horrific. I hope Roose Bolton dies a slow death.

The episode ends with Tyrion and Jorah. They pass through The Doom and get attacked. Tyrion walks away fine, but Jorah's been touched. Well at least we know he's going to die beforehand. What's the point of going to Dany now? Oh look, a dragon!

P.S. I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought Ramsay wanted a BJ from Reek.

S2 E2
So the premiere was basically an introduction to the baddie of the season, who was actually introduced in the first season, but never mind that. Girl is cutthroat, literally.

Last week, Ms. Croft lived! Frankenstein gave her less electricity and so language came back rather quickly. I love how they gave Croft an English accent (Billie Piper's real accent). That's one way to dodge a bullet. Anyway, Frankenstein named her Lilly and told her he was her cousin. I don't know about you, but he's getting way too close to his cousin. It would be incestuous and at the same time, not.

Meanwhile, Ms. Ives wanted to find peace and so Sir Malcolm took her to a place where he finds peace. Think soup kitchen except with cholera. There she meets Caliban or what he's now going by John Claire. Someone is now shipping Caliban and Vanessa together. Umm, no. I love how their stories are starting to intertwine and Caliban and Vanessa's conversation about religion, but that doesn't mean I'm going to ship them. I'll ship Caliban and Dorian before that and that would be a sight to see.

Speaking of Dorian Gray, called it. I thought her voice was very intriguing, but to me, it was also what gave her away. Dorian Gray is once again making the rounds, but is still clinging to Ms. Ives. I hope we get to see Angelique again.

I don't know what Mrs. Poole did to Sir Malcolm, but like it matters, she already has someone on the inside. I'm talking about you Mr. Lyle. He helped the group get their hands on some artifacts that will help them with the devil's language. Now all they have to do is make sense of them all. Mr. Lyle flirting with Mr. Chandler and Mr. Chandler flirting right back made me think of Mr. Chandler and Mr. Gray. I'm still confused on what happened there last season. Anyway, Mrs. Poole has some photos of Mr. Lyle doing naughty things and is blackmailing him for information on our group.

We got to see a room of Mrs. Poole. Now usually I have no problem seeing dolls upon dolls. It's creepy, but nothing crazy. However, I draw the line at taking baby guts and putting them into dolls and then realizing that all the dolls she has must be of other baby guts and there were a lot! That's when you know this bitch is crazy. She took the baby's guts and put it in a doll that resembles Ms. Ives.

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