Saturday, May 16, 2015

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WARNING: Tonight's episode is not for those with easily upset stomachs and/or those who think good will always conquer over evil.

S1 E14
I feel like I need a shower after watching tonight's episode. One word can describe the it: sadistic. Like seriously, it makes you wonder if in life are we meant to lose. If I were to re-watch the 1st season, I would skip this episode not because it was bad, but because it was just too gruesome. But enough of that, let's recap what happened last week.

I was surprised to find out so many people didn't like the episode because they thought the show should have just skipped the dancing and singing bit. It didn't bother me as much, but I can see how people see it as a waste. The milking scene with Jenny was also well talked about. I was shocked and surprised with that one, but I also thought it was hilarious and would be something I would do. Jenny grows on me with each episode. Eventually, she had to leave to go feed her baby, but she left Claire in good hands with Murtagh. He's the one that came up with the gig.

And so they did their routine going all over the place hoping that Jamie would hear about the Sassenach. Some gypsy saw how profitable the routine was and so he stole it. When Claire and Murtagh confronted him about it, Claire gave him money to quit the routine until she found her husband. Of course, they didn't listen, but they did tell Claire that when they were on the road a note was passed to them that was meant for her. They knew where to find Jamie, but it wasn't Jamie waiting their for him. Instead, they found Dougal.

The good news is he did hear about them, the bad news is it led him to being caught. Dougal offers Claire a proposal. She should marry him for protection against the sadistic Black Jack. Claire sees right through him and knows he just wants the Fraser land. She decides to marry him if she can't save her husband. Dougal lets his men join her if they choose to, and so,Willie, Rupert, and Anghus join.

But seriously make sure you prepare yourself before watching tonight. I'm not joking.

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