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S1 E7
Just when I think this show went to crap, it pulls me back in. That ending. Was it the detective's son? Probably not, he doesn't seem like he has the balls to kill someone. My bet is Chaotic Chick or a nobody who did it in the name of Kaotic Chic.

Okay so Walker still doesn't know that he has powers and I'm pretty sure he stole some sway and Deena is onto him and his powers. The biggie is we find out non-powers who take sway are instantly killed, so either annoying girl is going to die, which I really wouldn't care about, or we'll actually find out what her power is, which would finally make her interesting because her relationship with the detective's son is all kinds of crap. I seriously started laughing when they were having their fight. Girl was jealous as hell and I really don't understand why when they've known each other for a minute.

Retro Girl confronted Zora on her being fake, but at least now Zora knows the truth about who really took down Wolfe. RG told Zora that she has a decision to make on what kind of hero she wants to be.

Wolfe wants Walker to get him out of his prison even though he said he wanted to be drained of all his powers. So that stunt he proclaimed was all for nothing. I don't even know what was the point of him saying that when he was lying about it. Anyway, Walker knows Wolfe was trying to mess with his head again and so Walker tries to get info from Royale on why he was visiting Wolfe. Royale takes Walker somewhere and we're left wondering where.

This story has such potential and it's sad that Playstation is fucking it up. BTW, Simons was captured. At least they did a good job with the way the captured him.

S2 E2
Taylor is still having problems adjusting to Lori being her mother and I'm guessing that on top of Crash being back and being the single reminder of Max being shot is making her one very mad woman. She can't believe Max is willing to forgive Crash for what he's done, but Max doesn't want to be the victim and if he stays mad at Crash, then Crash wins and he does end up a victim. Shit, Max is so wise, it's crazy. It may take awhile for Max to forgive, but he's willing. Taylor thinks that they are in 2 different places right now and so the great Maylor breakup. But watch out for Ofe because he might be moving in on Taylor.

Carter figures out that there must be more to the story if Lori wanted to talk to both of her parents and so she asks David and David finally reveals what everyone has been suspecting--he had an affair with Lori. David asks Carter to keep it a secret from Elizabeth until he's ready to tell her, which would have been never because he thought it would end his marriage. In the end, Elizabeth found out anyway because Lori was telling the feds the story and she heard it on the other side of the glass. David is in some deep shit.

Carter did end up meeting Crash, but she's not ready to forgive him. Hell, she still doesn't even know if she should forgive him. I don't care what she does. I just hope she doesn't get back with him. The last thing she needs is Crash back into her life.

S4 E19
Okay what was Martine doing as a brunette. Root was right she is way hotter as a blonde. Zoe was back for the episode and she didn't play a huge part, but she did tell us something we all know is already true. Iris is a dead woman walking as long as Reese keeps seeing her. I'm just glad Zoe wasn't jealous. Like she said, she's just protective.

Anyway, the case-of-the-week once again mixes with our mythology and does a splendid job of keeping me interested. However, I do have to say with Root still feeling the effect of Shaw and wanting to kill Martine on top of it did make me miss Shaw for the first time. I miss Shaw all the time, but never while I watch.

Samaritan targeted a bio-tech guy, who would help it search for The Machine with his invention. Since the bio-tech guy is so suspicious, he had to be eliminated and in the end, he was. The takeaway from the episode is that now Samaritan has a way to search for The Machine and it's only a matter of time before its found.

Root procured a case that seems nearly indestructible. I thought she was after what was inside the case, which turned out to be just an artifact, but it was the case itself The Machine wanted. Smash went the artifact, which looked really pretty to tell you the truth. I wonder what Team Machine will need it for.

Taraji P. Henson (Empire) is coming back to her TV roots and is dawning Carter once again. Do not miss this episode.

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