Sunday, July 10, 2016

Outlander Season 2 Review

Hey People,

Long time no hear from. Shows have been ending and I haven't gotten around to watching them yet. Some I have and just haven't finished the last episode. What can I say? I'm trying really hard not to have them end on me. However, Outlander is the exception. If that's a good thing or a bad thing, you'll find out in this review.

I told you from the beginning that most people probably won't like this season because of it being so political and I turned out to be one of those people. I hated France, which is surprising to me because out of Europe France is my favorite. The only thing I liked about Claire and Jamie being in France is the fact that they spoke french. That's about it. But once they went back to Scotland, the show definitely improved; however, because of the war happening and the bonny prince being a total idiot, things kept getting worse for our 2 heroes. Never mind, I take that back. There were 2 things that were good about France--people speaking French and Fergus. Loved that kid. Wouldn't it be interesting if Fergus all grown up and Bree were to meet. Just putting it out there.

I don't know if I kept up with season because it wasn't all that great of a season to begin with or if it's because I wanted to prevent the spoilers of my coworkers. I swear one of my coworkers doesn't know the meaning of a spoiler. He thinks he's telling me something non-significant when it is. Avoid these people at all costs.

It wasn't until the season finale that I truly felt that season got back to its roots of the 1st season. It had me emotionally invested and got a few tears from my eyes. Jamie and Claire couldn't stop the battle from happening and so they decided to kill the prince. Dougal overheard them and tried to kill them both, but they ended up killing Dougal. Rupert saw Jamie and Claire standing over Dougal's dead body and out of respect for Jamie, gave him 2 hours before telling everyone what happened. Jame gave rights to the house to his nephew and took Claire to the stones. He knew she was pregnant and this was the only way to make sure they were both safe. 220 years in the future, Claire is in her 40s and her daughter Bree is in college, They visited Scotland due to the death of the Reverend and that's when the shit hit the fan. That's when Bree found out about Jamie, her father. At first, Bree thought Claire was crazy, but once she saw Geillis enter the stones, she believed her mother. And then the truth finally came out. Jamie didn't die on that battlefield because he escaped. Claire decides she has to go back.

I had no idea this show was going to go 20 years in the future, but now that we know Claire is going back and that Bree also heard the buzzing, I'm thinking that Claire won't go alone. Some are saying the 3rd book is the best in the series and if that's true then I can't wait until next season comes around. One thing is for certain, it will definitely be better than this season.

Luv ya,

P.S. All the smack I talked about this season not being as great, Outlander is still a great show and a fantastic love story. I'm just saying that you could actually watch the 1st season and go directly to the 2nd season finale and not be missing a beat. That's all I'm saying.

P.S. I'm totally going to go rewatch that final season with Jamie and Claire. Heartbreaking!



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