Monday, June 20, 2016

Penny Dreadful Season (Series) Finale?

Hey People,

I'm trying to understand what just happened right now. As you know, I haven't been blogging as much as I used to, but I haven't stopped watching shows either. Actually, I basically dedicate each weekend to binge watching a show. Luckily for me, I was in the mood to watch Penny Dreadful this weekend and it just so happened to be the season finale. Or was that the series finale? Let's just get into it.

I'm confused. I cried. This show has a way of doing that to me sometimes, but I blame that damn music. It's so damn good. But back to the point, Vanessa died, so of course I cried. Her hero finally shows up to save her and she asked to be killed instead--to end her misery. And so he did even though he loved her and was willing to fight for her. How could you not cry? Now as a storyteller I could totally see why the writers would go down this road. It makes sense. The only way for the Devil and Dracula to stop coming after her and the people she loves is for her to stop existing. But here's my thing. I'm not mad or angry like I usually am. Instead, I'm disappointed. We have seen Vanessa have sex with the devil (that scene alone trumped Grey's Anatomy sex with a ghost by a mile) and this season we saw Vanessa having sex with Dracula, so why the hell were we denied sex with the hero, Ethan? 3 seasons! 3 seasons and nothing.

Okay maybe I am a little angry at that, but what I'm most upset about is the fact that no one knew this show was ending. THE END just popped up on the scene and I had to go back to see if I missed any news that said this show was cancelled or revealed this would be the last season. Nothing, not a thing. This has to be the biggest kept secret in the TV world (move over The Good Wife). It seems like no one knew this show was ending and apparently this was the series finale. Who knew?

What's on everyone's mind is if this isn't the series finale (which it most likely was), where does the show go from here. Can you do a show without Eva Green? Hell no. They definitely could try, but no one would watch, nor should they. That would be worse than Beckett not being in Castle. Let's not think of such things. I pictured Vanessa coming back somehow. Probably by reincarnation? Too soon? Then how about a doppelganger shows up out of no where and creates trouble for the gang. I would like that too. I could see Ethan thinking he could try to save her because he has that complex. Sir Malcolm would want to do the same because let's face it, he really has no use if Ms. Ives isn't connected somehow. I imagined Lily going back to Frankenstein since she realized being immortal means being alone and that's the last thing she wants. BTW, big ups to Billie Piper on the job well done. Scars are what make us who we are. Perfection is no way to live. Dorian...I got noting. He was useless last season and he was useless this season as well. I don't even know why they kept him this season other than to make Frankenstein jealous. John Clare will search for love once again since he buried his child and is no longer welcomed by his wife. As for the newcomers, Cat, Seaward, and Kaetenay, I wish we got to see more of them. They were really great additions to the show.

I will miss Penny Dreadful for what it was. A great dreadful story.

Luv ya,

P.S. It has been confirmed this was the series finale.
P.P.S. Question of the day for you. What did Dracula do after he saw Vanessa? Did he just say fuck it and went home? I wonder...


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