Sunday, May 29, 2016

Chicago Fire Season 4 Finale Review

Hey People,

OMG I want that kid! He has to be the cutest kid on TV. Louie! Okay now that that's out of the way, let's get to the nitty griddy. I like lists so that's what I'm going to do.

Casey - I don't think Casey should run for Senate unless the Chicago franchise is willing to add in politics. They're already doing Law so it's not a far-fetched idea. Chicago Politics? It doesn't have a nice ring to it though. Maybe Casey can run for Mayor that way he would hit all 3 shows (mostly P.D. and Law). Just an idea people. But is it wrong of me to wish that Casey did sleep with his publicist or whoever she is to him. I like the drama and we all know I'm not so crazy about Dawson and Casey in the first place

Severide - I should add Kidd to this as well because damn someone is about to get cut. Kidd's ex husband is listening to them have sex. If that's not messed up I don't know what is. But in the ex's defense, he could have been contemplating how to get out of the situation. I know I would be.

Dawson - and Louie! I was thinking since Dawson almost lost her life in the finale maybe she should return to being a paramedic. I'm not saying women can't be firefighters or that even moms can't be firefighters, but being a single parent is rough and when you don't have someone else that could look after your kid once your gone (like Dawson's situation), I think it's best to have a "safer" job. Plus, this will give Jimmy a chance to come back on Truck.

Herrmann - Dawson now lives on top of his garage. Does that mean she can come over for breakfast?

Boden - Do I think Boden made the wrong call? No, he told everyone to get out and Jimmy's brother went back in that was his decision. Should Jimmy blame Boden for making a bad call? No. But, what he should be mad at is the fact that Boden pulled him out when he was trying to save his brother. Again, Boden did the right thing there to save Jimmy's life, but it was Jimmy's decision to go in. He knew the risk. How can you save one brother and not the other in the same situation? That's what he should be mad about.

Otis - is back on shift. Again, I wish something was really wrong with him just to create drama. Nothing deadly just something to make him suffer a bit. No, I am no sadist. I always thought Otis and Brett should get together, but it seems unlikely and now it's the furthest thing from my mind. He shaved his mustache, if that didn't work, nothing will.

Cruz - I feel like the show tried to make him relevant, but failed at it, especially with the whole rehabilitation of a gangster debacle. Maybe next year can be Cruz's last.

Mouch - Uhh...I got nothing.

Brett - Now I'm rooting for Brett and Jimmy to get together. She has an apartment all to herself now that Dawson moved out. Maybe she'll look for another roommate. Who will it be? Kidd? Jimmy? Chili? Speaking of Chili, will she back or is she long gone? Because just like her, Jimmy lost a sibling as well. Maybe Chili and Jimmy belong together. Maybe she'll return just to console Jimmy because she went through the same thing.

Jimmy - I don' t think his acting out is over just yet. Boden better watch his back.

Luv ya,

P.S. I quit watching Chicago Med, I just wasn't impressed with the character development. In short, it wasn't personal enough for me like this show is. Maybe I'll have some like with Chicago Law.