Monday, December 7, 2015

My Last Castle Rant

Hey People,

So apparently I got the episodes mixed up, I thought it was 7th episode that the writers were talking about, but they were actually referring to the 8th episode titled "Mr. & Mrs. Castle". But it really doesn't matter because it still didn't solve my issues with this storyline.

I've had 2 weeks to think things through and I still stand by my decision of not coming back. The midseason finale did absolutely nothing for me. We still have problems:
  • Beckett still has an obsession 
    • Beckett chose solving LokSat over being with Castle
    • Beckett will always put her cases before Castle
  • Her hiding the secret from Castle by breaking up with him was stupid
    • everyone knows they're married (Castle would have still been in danger regardless)
    • didn't stop Castle from sticking his nose in
    • Beckett could have just told Castle and did a fake break up
  • *NEW* Castle took her back so easily
The conversation basically went like this:

Castle: Why didn't you just tell me?
Beckett: I wanted to protect you.
Castle: By keeping me in the dark? We could have faked it all.
Beckett: Me not being with you has made me realize how much I've needed you. I still need you.
Castle: It's not that easy Kate. After everything you put me through, how can I accept you just like that?
Beckett: Will you?
Castle: Okay! All is forgiven!

What should have happened is this:

Castle: You broke up with me just to chase some case?
Beckett: I wanted to protect you.
Castle: Have you not noticed that people know that we're married? What makes you think if we break up, they won't come after me anymore? We're still married dumbass.
Beckett: Gee, I didn't think of that.
Castle: You basically chose a case over me.
Beckett: Yea, but don't think of it like that. Remember, I can't have sex with a case, but I can get some with you.
Castle: You knew I wouldn't give up on you and I followed you like a pup this whole time.
Beckett: So does that mean you'll accept me back?
Castle: Bye, Felicia. Divorce papers will be in your mailbox.

I know some people have said that no matter what fans would have been mad because if they prolonged them getting back together, we just would have been upset about that and your damn right I would have been. However, if the wait was worth it and it explained the nonsense Beckett has become, then it would have been worth the wait. I just can't watch a show that butchers characters so much that the characters no longer makes sense. 

So instead I will just say this: Bye Felicia!

Luv ya,

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