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Fall Finales for both Chicago Fire & Chicago Med tonight! We'll see if I keep Chicago Med on my list.

S4 E7 & E8
No one told me an Everwood reunion would be happening on Chicago Fire.

Severide spent his suspension thinking of whether he should drop a bomb on the Captain's lap that would ruin his career (something to do with his youth days). But in the end, Severide just proves he's not his father's son by not using the dirt he had on the Captain.

Brett and Otis is happening! I'm actually more excited about this than I thought I would be. At first I thought Otis didn't deserve Brett because he was such an ass last year with the whole Rice thing, but I need a couple to root for in this show and I've never been a fan of Casey and Dawson and Chili and Jimmy are cute, but it's doomed since Chili doesn't believe in lasting relationships so I've decided to root for Brett and Otis. Can I call Brotis? Sounds like a disease to me, but I'll take it. This will definitely cause some drama especially if Brett actually does end up falling for Otis instead of Cruz.

Speaking of Cruz, he helped his brother's friend get out from a gang. He is just saving thugs left and right.

Boden is still being accused of assault and if convicted he could be put away up to 30 years when you include the invasion of the home. I didn't think Dawson would be down with conspiracies. You would think Otis would be saying all this stuff. Anyway, Dawson came up with a theory that Boden's boss is setting him up as a way to get closer to commissioner. The Riddler likes to control his minions like every bad guy. Oye, this is getting crazy.

No Boden No!!! Someone needs to save him. Boden had been arrested and it turns out Dawson's conspiracy was not so far-fetched. She just got the wrong guy. It all comes back to the man who burned down buildings so he could buy them cheaper. Maddox wants to discredit Boden so he doesn't testify against him. Everyone tries to help. Severide went back to that snotty ex who's representing Maddox, Gabriel tried with her cop brother, but no luck. The girl missing is just adding fumes to the fire.

Brett was asked out by a guy she saved, but it's not going to last because he just screams annoying. You got to be quicker than that Otis.

Something is going on with Chili. Alcoholic perhaps? I have no idea, but the fact that she's lying about it and came in half an hour late to shift is doing her no favors.

As for Cruz, his little project of ghetto turned into fab may be coming to an end. The Captain put a clock to it.

We shall see if Severide gets his rank back and more importantly what will happen to Boden.

S1 E3 & E4
I still don't know anything about these people and that's the difference between this show and Fire. Chicago Fire is more character oriented than it is work oriented. Since doing these recaps, I've never really had to talk about what happened at work, but instead focus on the interactions with each other. That's not the case with Chicago Med. All I can think to write about is what happened in cases they had.

It's not like it can't be done. Grey's Anatomy always focused tremendously on characters and work. They've always have had a great balance. But what can I say? I focus on the characters than the cases.

I will also say this: that 14 year old did not plan to save that babies life. I don't think she was aiming for the hospital and I'm pretty sure the baby would have died from suffocation in that bag.

So much better of an episode. We got to see actual character development. 2 thumbs up! One guy is like the son of Donald Trump. The father even has his personality. The newbie is afraid to stick people with needles. The conflict between Haldstead and the pregnant lady is now over. It started with the pregnant case and one thing lead to the other where Haldstead said she needs to stop thinking like a pregnant woman. I think everyone knows by now the pregnant woman lost her husband, who was a vet and that the Asain guy is also a vet.

While I like that we got character development in the episode, I'm now starting to wonder do I care about any of the characters on the show and so far I got nothing. Here's hoping a find a reason in the finale tonight.

P.S. The musician losing her hearing was quite deafening. Too soon? If Beethoven can do it, so can she and she has the advantage because at least she can remember what it sounded like, but then again you can't hate on something you never had.

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