Sunday, December 13, 2015

Binge News

Hey People,

I know I owe you guys some posts. Like I said, the holidays really mess me up because of scheduling. This week, I had a Holiday party for work. So just so you know and I know what posts are coming out this week, here is a list.
  • Sunday
    • Previously On Sunday (Quantico)
  • Monday
    • Previously On Monday (Jane the Virgin & Supergirl)
    • Blindspot midseason review (I watched it like 2 weeks ago and haven't gotten around to it)
  • Tuesday
    • Previously On Tuesday (Limitless)
    • Chicago Fire midseason review
    • Chicago Med midseason review (Med is a possibility, it depends if the show can still interest me)
  • Wednesday
    • Previously On Wednesday (Empire)
    • Empire midseason review
    • Empire Music
Now that I've written this out, I noticed that I haven't been that late with these. I'm only behind on 2 shows (Blindspot and Empire) and I vow to get these done this week.

Anyway, I better get started.

Luv ya,

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