Sunday, December 13, 2015

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S1 E10
So everyone was exonerated and Alex has 23 hours before her sentencing that gives her 23 hours to find the 2nd bomb and who's behind it and in order to do that she must keep an eye on all her classmates including the ones that helped with her escape.

Reina has feelings for the guy who's a terrorist. She thinks he's just lost, but Nimah tries to talk some sense into Reina by telling her when she slept with him and they had pillow talk there was nothing lost about him. Reina is going to get her twin sister Nimah killed. I'm calling it now, one of the sisters will possibly die in the midseason finale tonight or in the season finale.

Shelby broke it off with Caleb's father and Caleb has already told his mother, the senator, about the affair and I believe that we will be seeing his mother tonight (cannot wait to see Marica Cross back on TV). We also found out in the past that Shelby was catfished into giving money to an organization when she really thought she was giving money to her sister, but we already knew that, right?

Simon got kicked out of Quantico, not because of his history fighting alongside the Israelis against Hamas (or what one of presidential candidates likes to call hummus) and not knowing his group went rogue, but because he got in a fight with Ryan in his 3rd week. In the future, it turns out Simon wasn't a part of the bombing; however, he did create the bombs that were supposed to be under some mosques. They were flawed bombs never meant to go off, but someone must have stolen his notes from Quantico and knew where the bombs would be, stole them, and fixed them so they would detonate like the one in Grand Central. I still think he should go to jail and I think he knows he will since he said he had to get his affairs in order, but by the end of the episode, Simon was taken. I don't really care that Simon was taken to be honest. I kind of hate him more than Natalie.

Speaking of Natalie, she kind of grew on me last episode. We find out the fake scar was because her boyfriend was emotionally abusive (which is just as dangerous) and the only way for her to get away with her child was to fake a physically abusive relationship to the judges. She still wears the scar as a reminder to herself of her former self. Coming to Quantico was a risk for her because now the baby daddy wants/has custody of his kid and Natalie is training in Quantico. Well I'm pretty sure since she works for the government she can easily get that switched around, so I'm not sweating bullets over it.

Now no one trusts Alex because she was spying on all of them when they put their necks on the line to help save her, but in all fairness she did find out that Simon was behind the makings of the bombs and I don't think he would have been forthcoming about that if he didn't know he was being followed.

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