Sunday, December 6, 2015

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S1 E9
This is why we shouldn't use torture to interrogate others. It just makes them agree to anything you say because they could honestly not know anything. Take note, presidential candidates.

So Alex has plead guilty and the one most likely behind the bombing is Simon, but if Simon really is behind the bombing then wouldn't he know that Alex has been exonerated and would tell his buddies that they FBI is still searching for them? It doesn't really matter, but I guess they don't think anymore that someone was flipped on their side.

There was a bit of a love triangle going on again, actually now that I think about it, there are tons of love triangles on this show and maybe a possible pentagon (Natalie's past rich boyfriend, Natalie, Ryan, Alex, and Liam). You could make it a hexagon, but I think Miranda and Liam are strictly platonic now. Ryan was getting jealous that Alex was focusing on a guy who was trying to ruin them, but all Alex can see is someone like her father who is spiraling out of control. Ryan decides to leave and I really don't understand why he was staying anyway. I wouldn't stay for a girl, but if I was getting paid the same, then I probably would stick around and treat it like a sort of vacation for me. I'm not a big fan of Alex and Ryan so I don't really care.

Miranda was in the hospital the whole time since she was shot the last we saw her and it turns out that a bunch of kidnappers shot her and kidnapped her son. Probably the same group of people her son used to talk to on the internet about shooting up his school.

Shelby has to be getting played by her sister. I knew she was being played. I doubt she knows anything about it because if she did, then why would Caleb's father start dating her? Why would she work for the FBI for that matter?

They tried to make Natalie human last week by becoming pro-Alex, but I still don't care about that character.

As for Simon, I can see why all the hate he got for telling the truth about serial killer being set up, but the other recruits were right. He should have used the proper channels to make sure the other charges still stuck and that they would look into the copycat killer. The hate was deserved in my book.

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