Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Last Kingdom Season 1 Finale Review

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I knew once Iseult said she wanted to have sex with Uhtred that she was a goner. She probably saw her own death and said why the hell not. I'm going to die anyway. I was a little sadden by Leofric's death. His death on the battlefield is better than him dying at the hands of Uhtred, but still I'm going to miss him calling our hero an ass all the time. The one person I would have loved to see die is the queen of Wessex, but she wasn't even on the battlefield. The way Beocca threw the spear, he should have thrown it all the way back to the swamps and hit the queen with it.

Anyway, a big battle did end up happening, once Alfred's men showed up. Fashionably late does not count in this case, but at least they showed up unlike that traitor who switched sides at the last minute. Good thing he was the first to die.

I forgot that Odda the Younger died by the hands of Odda the Elder and rightfully so. I've hated him since he took all the glory for killing Ubba. I was so glad he died and as a bonus, he didn't get a proper burial.

Ragnar and Brida were captured and imprisoned while Guthrum is playing it smart and converted to Catholicism. Either he's being smart and is playing all them by converting or he really did take what the priest had said as a prophecy. I pretty sure it's the latter.

Aethelwold did a pretty good job on the battle field. He was in front and didn't die and as a bonus he didn't kill Alfred. I think his decision was him also letting go of his birth right to be king. As for Mildreth, I doubt we'll ever see her again. I'm glad we got closure on Uhtred's and Mildreth's relationship. Their child had died because of the ceremony Iseult preformed to save Alfred's child. One child's life for another's. There was nothing left to unite Uthred and Mildreth and so they both went their separate ways.

According to Iseult, Uhtred's path leads to the north, where his sister is being raped daily apparently. He belongs along the nun who Iseult and him saved from being raped when Wessex was being taken by the vikings and I believe the soldier they met on the road with all the horses for Alfred. I can't wait to see what happens next.

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