Monday, May 23, 2016

Jane The Virgin Season 2 Finale Review

Hey People,

Is Micahel really dead? It's a telenovela. No one is ever dead in this show, hence why Rose is still alive. I wasn't shocked at the reveal. I mean, once I saw her taking off the mask I knew it would be Rose, but this is about Michael. The only reason I might think he's actually dead has nothing to do with the fact that he was shot directly in the heart (bulletproof vest people, it was required during the wedding), but what the narrator said in the first season. Michael loved Jane until his last breath or something to that caliber. Either way he implied Michael will die. I don't know why else you would say it like that in such a sad way on top of it. However, if the writers wanted to kill off a main character in the finale, I think they would have the balls to do the burial in the same episode and even if they did who knows, Michael might have a twin brother.

Speaking of twins, there are just way too many of them. OMG, twins are to this show as amnesia is to a Korean drama. They just keep using it none stop. So let me get this straight. Petra cheated on her husband with twins, had twin girls, and has a twin of her own. The twin girls make sense because having twins is hereditary, but everything else is just so unbelievable, which is why it's a telenovela. Poor Petra, now she can't move or speak. Like most, I do feel bad for her. This woman can't catch a frickin break. Why can't the writers let her be happy? At least give us some good Jane and Petra friendship. I think now that Anezka has taken over Jane and "Petra" will go back to being enemies again. With any luck, she'll get some feeling in her hands to write a note to someone.

Jane is a married woman! And still a virgin. I knew once she got married that she wouldn't lose her v card. After all, the name of the show is Jane the Virgin. I think in the series finale she'll end up losing her v card. Until then, a bunch and bunch of drama. There has been some good guesses as to what might happen. Michael gets amnesia (it's not like he got a head injury unless it happened when he hit the floor...just roll with it) and forgets about Jane and Jane has to get Michael to fall back in love with her; however, she ends up falling in love with Rafael instead due to him being there for her in this ordeal just to have Michael remember everything after seeing them kiss. It could definitely happen folks, but for now I will say that I think they'll definitely have Michael have a case of something. Then you'll have 2 characters in the hospital.

I'm so glad Rafael didn't go through with telling Jane he's still in love with her. I'm still Team Rafael, but even I know when to call it quits. Yes, I'm Team Rafael and being Team Rafael doesn't mean you hate Michael. I like Michael. And it doesn't mean you think Michael isn't a good enough fit for Jane. Au contraire, I think they are the perfect couple. The problem with them is that they're boring. Michael is a yes man to Jane. In the end, he agrees with everything she says and that's just boring television. With Rafael, there's more drama, excitement, unpredictability, and I choose that over boring, bland, and yes, perfection. So here's hoping Jane rekindles that flame. The only problem is. I just don't want Jane to seem too flaky. She is now a married woman after all.

Xo is pregnant and the baby is not Rogelio. Damn, I don't know what to say to that, but that really sucks for Rogelio. All the man wanted was to have kids with Xo and Xo didn't want any and the next thing you know, she gets knocked up by his nemesis. That's just low. I hear abortion will be a talked about next season. Do I think she should have one? That's up to her to decide, not me! But since we are talking about abortions most women who do abort aren't teenagers but women between the ages of 20-25. These aren't just women who are having them because they don't want to tell their parents. These are grownups making the right decision for them. Thought I should add that in just in case you weren't aware. I am nothing but educational. But let me just add that I do like Rogelio's new relationship with the writer (eventually I learn her name). Having kids isn't something you change your mind about.

As for my favorite character Luisa, I think she should just go back to rehab again. She just got over Rose only to find out Rose has been playing Suzanna this whole time. That's one way to fuck with someone's mind. Some lesbians are mad that Suzanna never really existed. They wanted someone good for Luisa, but I say look at it this way. This only shows that Rose deeply cares for Luisa. She made her go back to rehab because she knew she needed it. She saved her from her mother and she risked being with her when she was supposed to be undercover infiltrating the cops. This is a better love story than Jane's. Do I think Luisa went with Rose? I'm going to say no. I think she's going to be pissed, but eventually Rose will win her over. They always find a way back to each other. Maybe like Rafael and Jane will.

I usually end my reviews with predictions, but I kind of already did that throughout the review so I'll end it here. I'll definitely be back for season 3.

Love ya,

P.S. This was a better season finale than last year.
P.P.S. Make Yara (Luisa) a series regular already!


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