Saturday, May 16, 2015

Julianna Margulies Ruined The Good Wife For Me

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*If Julianna Margulies is behind this, then this is how I feel.

It pains me to put this picture up right now.
I loved this show and I still love this show even when it had a so-so season because it's still one of the best network shows on air, but one thing I hate about shows is when a writer lets fans write the show for them. However, that's not what happened this time. Instead a producer was calling the shots and ruined one of the best relationships on The Good Wife. I'm talking about you Julianna Margulies.

I have just learned that the scene between Archie Panjabi and Julianna Margulies was a "parent trap trick". Now, I don't really care if they didn't get along in real life and I don't care who started it. However, you put your shit aside and you get your shit done. There has been so many instances where in real life actors don't get along, but they are professionals and still do their job. Some of my favorite movies have lead actors who didn't get along. Hell, The Vampire Diaries leads dated and broke up and their shit was all over the gossip sites and they still did their intimate scenes together. So what's The Good Wife's excuse?

HLN said it perfectly:

It's not so much the fake scene that was the problem--theoretically, it's possible to have a meaningful scene between two characters even if the actors aren't filming together. But the real problem is that (presumably) Julianna's dislike of Archie hijacked the narrative in the show for the past two and a half years, and that IS a problem. Alicia and Kalinda had made a lot of progress in building back their friendship in seasons 3B and 4A. That was all suddenly thrown away from season 4B onward, and the actresses were never together again. It wrecked an important dynamic and core relationship of the show. I'll personally never forgive JM for it, and I'll never watch another thing she's in, ever.

The reason most people think Margulies is behind this is because she's a producer and lead of the show. If anyone could get away with a demand, it would be her. So all the conspiracies between Panjabi and Margulies are true, I mean why else would you fake a scene that everyone has been waiting on for years? Even Buzzfeed wrote about them not being in scenes together. Also, what a waste of money and time dedicated to this foolishness.

I was looking forward to the next season, but now I'm not so sure I'll be watching because I don't like when someone dictates the narrative in their favor. I wonder how much the Kings had to change their story for her selfish reasons and I'm a little upset with the Kings for trying to convince the viewers that they were just messing with us by not putting them together. As if it was one big joke.

The Good Wife has lost a fan. I'm not even sure I want to review the season finale anymore.

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P.S. Someone made a good joke that their must be a gag order on set because no one is saying anything.
P.P.S. Margulies needs some good PR stat!
P.P.P.S. When I first watched the scene something felt off and I was glad when I saw comments of others feeling the same. I went back to re-watched it and I noticed that Julianna looks away from Archie when Archie said goodbye, so she could turn her head to say goodbye as Archie walks away. However in Archie's scene, "Julianna" is looking right at Archie as she says goodbye. I thought it was odd because with a moment like that--the final goodbye--a continuity error like that wouldn't happen. It's a big moment and whether Alicia is looking at Kalinda as she says goodbye is something a veteran actress like Julianna wouldn't make, especially when they did a close up of her as she turned her head.

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