Monday, April 6, 2015

The Good Wife S6 E18 Review

Hey People,

Wow that was a great episode and I'm calling it great not because of some twist that happened, although there was a twist at the end, I'm calling it great because of the topic that was brought up--gay marriage. I'll get to Alicia in a moment because her shit definitely needs to be discussed as well as Kalinda's hot mess, but first let's talk about gay marriage.

For me in general, I'm not for marriage. Marriage seems like a trap. Just writing about it right now makes me hyperventilate. Obviously, you can tell I'm going to be a run away bride. I used to be for civil unions, but then I learned civil unions are like separate, but equal. It didn't work for blacks and whites and so I wouldn't expect it to work for gays and straights. So that's how I became support gay marriage. I think people have a hard time separating church and state. People aren't debating on whether gay marriage should be recognized by the church or any religion. People are debating on whether gay marriage should be recognized by the state/government. I fell like some people don't get that distinction.

I love the Kings for talking about current events (Ferguson, 3D guns) and now since the whole Indiana debacle just happened, it just amazes me how the Kings can foresee the future and have this episode already done and waiting on Easter Sunday. Indiana law has now amended its law as well as Arkansas and hopefully Michigan will be smart and not go down this same road, but this is the same Michigan that fucked over their unions so one can only hope.

This episode does a great job of showing both sides of the argument and even though Diane won the mock trial and therefore the wedding planner was deemed of discriminating against gays, it was the rich conservative that got the last word in. He basically said Obama and the Clintons opposed gay marriage and then hopped on the bandwagon when it was convenient for them. This may be true. I don't know, we will never know if they were ever really against it or if they truly are for it now. But you could say the same thing about republicans. I truly believe that there are republicans that don't give a shit one way or the other about gay marriage, but have to be against it because the republican party as a whole is against it. There was this one congressman who was initially against gay marriage and what made him change his mind was his son. His son came out as a gay man and now that congressman is for gay marriage. Like Diane said, politics should be personal because if you wouldn't impose a law on a family member or even yourself, then how could you do it to someone else? That goes for opposing a law as well like Ted Cruz, who opposes Obamacare to the point that he shut down the government, and yet will be on it himself. What I'm trying to say is don't be a walking hypocrite. End of political rant.

Now we found out by the end of the episode that Alicia may be involved in voter fraud. Now we know for a fact that Peter won through cheating, but did Alicia win the same way? Did Peter go overboard and trying to amend his mistake he made earlier on election day? I'm actually sadden that we're back to the voter fraud scandal again. I don't like when the same plot device is used more than once, but because this isn't the first time does this mean we'll get a different outcome? I'm worried that Alicia won't even get a chance to set a foot in the State Attorney's office because the voter fraud is true and Alicia will have to go back to F/A/L. TGW should move forwards not backwards in the story. Also, how could people actually believe that Alicia and Will's affair was just flirtation with those emails? I definitely wouldn't have bought the crap they were selling, but I also wouldn't care either because Peter cheated on her and they were estranged at the time (and still are, but it seems as though they can become drinking buddies). Hell, I probably would want to high-five her and say "Go on girl, go get yours!" But that's just me.

As for Kalinda, I knew the instant Finn asked for a dollar that he would become her lawyer. I wonder if it was just Kalinda's life in the balance if she would turn herself in, but since she has Diane's career and now you can add the hacker's name, who covered for her, into the pile, I doubt she will turn herself over. Someone made an interesting take on Kalinda's situation. The state's investigator is the same one that told Alicia about Peter and Kalinda and he is the same one that Carey hired so wouldn't it be fitting for him to be the one that ends up putting Kalinda behind bars? I think they'll offer Kalinda a deal. They won't go after Diane or the hacker and in return, she has to turn herself in. That's my guess anyway.

Luv ya,


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