Monday, April 6, 2015

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S1 E16
JtV is back tonight, but before you watch, let's do a quick recap.

Jane and Rafael are having issues, more like one issue--the proposal. Rafael is still upset that he got turned down and for awhile Jane was giving him his space, but when Rafael still blamed her, she had enough. She told him it wasn't her fault and if he asked anyone, they would have told him it was too soon. Rafael realized she was right and that's because he's always wanted a family, not the dysfunctional one that he has. So now Rafael is in search of his mother and Petra may not be over Rafael like she thought she was.

Jane also had to deal with her writer's block. She went to a writer's group which is lead by a famous romance novelist played by Jane Seymour. That woman still looks good at her age. The Narrator informs us that someone in her group will end up changing Jane's life. My guess is Michael's ex. Maybe she'll have something to do with Michael's death. Eventually Jane gets back into her groove.

Xo and Alba are no longer speaking to each other since Xo is moving in with Rogelio and Alba is against it. Rogelio is still having trouble at work so he follows Michael and they catch a bad guy together. I love how Rogelio was mad at Rafael for not asking him to marry his daughter. I have admit, I didn't know why he was mad either.

I'm a little scared guys about Rafael finding his mother. I'm afraid that he will be related to Jane in someway. Afterall, this is a telenovela.

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