Monday, April 13, 2015

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S1 E17
Oh how I love the twist and turns of Jane the Virgin. So last week we found out how all the Villanueva women were wrong. Jane was wrong to think love would be enough to keep Rafael and her together, Xo was wrong to move in with Rogelio so quickly, and Alba was wrong to punish Xo on her decisions when she has to learn on her own.

Rafael is a workaholic and I can't believe that he suggested a nanny. You would think he would have done the opposite of his father because his father definitely doesn't seem like the type who was there for him. And what happened to the search for his mother? As for Rogelio, my jaw dropped when he didn't say I love you, but at least he explained it was because his mother hasn't approved of Xo yet and judging by the promo for tonight, it doesn't seem like she will. I'll be looking forward to that. Alba, well, she has to let go sometimes and let her kid make mistakes to learn. Xo has to learn the same thing, but in Xo's defense mother's were mothers before the internet and they will be mothers when the internet explodes.

Michael does need to #MoveOn and as much as I love Rogelio and him being buddies, Rogelio did Michael right by telling him the truth. I like Andi and I'm guessing she found out Jane was Michael's ex when she was stalking him on social media. Consider me #TeamMichael when it comes to Andi.

I give props to Petra on her discovery that Aaron is Roman. I did not see them coming and I love it when I don't. Is it wrong for me to feel bad for Petra for not being over Rafael? It makes sense that she's not and even though I'm all #TeamRafael Petra needs some love from somebody too.

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