Monday, December 15, 2014

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S1 E8
Congratulations to Jane the Virgin for being nominated for two Golden Globe Awards for best actress in a comedy and best comedy! This is the first CW show to ever do that so to anyone who thinks this show will get cancelled think again.

After Rafael was fired, he was sent on a hunting mission to look for his sister in Mexico. Turns out she was actually in Peru, but whatever. She comes back and has changed since we last saw her. Apparently, she threw up a bunch and sweated it out. She wants to comes clean about everything including her affair with her step-mom. Step-mom ain't gonna have that so she tells the family about sister's advances and adds in the fact that she think Rafael's sister is going crazy like her real mother. Off to the nuthouse she went.

I totally forgot that Jane wasn't out to Rafael about her being a virgin. For some reason, I thought he knew. At dinner Rafael told Jane about him stealing Petra from his now boss and Jane told Rafael about her being a virgin and waiting for marriage. The news shocked both of them, but Jane took it as a sign that they should just focus on the baby. Then Jane saw Rafael in bed with another woman, who drugged him the night before (Petra's doing). The woman was religious and so she felt a dire need to tell the truth to Jane the Virgin.

Meanwhile, Xo has her eyes set on the new hunk, but she's feeling sparks for Rogelio, so much so that she ends her new relationship.

As for the lawsuit, it is now kaput. Jane called it off when she realized she was worrying her grandmother because she feared deportation. She also didn't want to sue because this was a baby that she now wanted. It was never about the money to her. When she revealed this to Rafael, he finally told her that she wasn't suing his sister, but him since he backed his sister's malpractice with the hotel. The sparks were flying so much that even Xo noticed them. But Latin Lover Narrator knows all and he says this relationship will not be easy and I believe him.

Also, Petra is playing her ex-fiance, but what else is new? As for Michael, well he's busy getting busy with his partner and tracking down the crate dude, which last we saw, he lost track of.

Midseason final is tonight so make sure you watch!

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