Sunday, December 14, 2014

Will You Be My Servant? (23)

Rumi: There are so many questions I want to ask you, but only one I truly want answered.
Kimi: I can no longer hangout with you, Master Rumi.
Rumi: Is that what you want?
Kimi: It doesn’t matter what I want. It’s what needs to be done. What do you think about this dress?
Rumi: Anything would look good on you.
Kimi: You’re too good to me Master Rumi and that’s why Anika deserves you.
Rumi: And you don’t?
Kimi: No, I don’t. Because I won’t sacrifice myself for you, but Anika does. Do you know her rank?
Rumi: 37th
Kimi: She’s not even trying. Anika is my biggest rival, but she’s lowering herself to meet you.
Rumi: What, but why—?
Kimi: Do you really need to ask.
Rumi: Anika. I can’t let her do that.
Kimi: She’ll never admit to it, but I know the truth. She should be your Servant, not me.
Rumi: Is this the end?
Kimi: It has to be… I don’t think I’ll buy anything here and I think I should leave with Master Megumi now. I said what I had to say.
Rumi: It can’t be the end. It just can’t be! Train me!
Kimi: What?
Rumi: You promised to help me study.
Kimi: But that was before—
Rumi: I need to prove myself. I won’t let her lower herself for me. She’s one of the best Servants I know. She's loyal and smart. I know she’ll stand by my side. I have to meet her. As a Master, I have to set the standard. I owe her that.
Rumi: But I can only do that with your help. So train me.
Kimi: I knew you were one of the good ones. I wish I could say the same about myself.
Rumi: I wish you could see what I see.
Kimi: What do you see?
Rumi: A one of a kind. An irreplaceable Servant.
Kimi: What can I say to something like that?
Rumi: Say yes, say you’ll help me.
Megumi: I hope I’m interrupting, but if I stay another minute in this place my face might breakout. Did you get your answers?
Rumi: Did I?
Kimi: Yes.
Megumi: Then we’re done here.
Rumi: I believe so.
Megumi: Good, let’s go Kimiko. I’ll take you shopping in real stores, where clothes don’t fall apart after one wash.
Sakiko: You wash your clothes Megumi? I was under the impression that you wear them once and then threw them away.
Megumi: Well you would know best since your closet is my garbage.
Sakiko: I’m pretty sure your clothes were garbage before you even put it in the garbage
Megumi: And I’m pretty sure that you—
Rumi: I thought you were leaving, since I know you hate hanging out with us common folks.
Megumi: You’re right. Let’s go Kimiko.
Kimi: See you later Master Rumi.
Megumi: Oh and no hard feelings. The best Master won.
Sakiko: What did Megumi mean by that?
Rumi: Where’s Anika?
Sakiko: Helping Natsue try on clothes. What did she mean Rumi?
Rumi: What do you know about Anika?
Sakiko: Not much really. I know that you’re her sole choice for a Master, but I think everyone knows that.
Rumi: What about her previous school?
Sakiko: Why would you think that I know that?
Rumi: Because it’s you. I know you know so just tell me.
Sakiko: Well I don’t know how reliable it is now, but I heard she was one of the best Servants to come here. But she’s #37.
Rumi: And when you say best you mean…
Sakiko: I mean if Kimiko wasn’t #1 it would be because of Anika.
Rumi: So it’s true.
Sakiko: What is?
Natsue: What do you think Master Sakiko?
Sakiko: You look great Natsue.
Rumi: Where’s Anika?
Anika: Over here. I’m trying to decide which one I should buy.
Rumi: They both look great.
Anika: Yea, but I can only afford one of them.
Rumi: I’ll buy the other.
Anika: I can’t let you do that.
Rumi: I want to. You been so great to me and I want to show my appreciation. Besides you’ll end up using both of them as we hangout more.
Anika: More?
Rumi: Yea more. Unless you don’t want to.
Anika: I want to!
Rumi: Good, I want to too. Hey Sakiko, are you buying anything?
Sakiko: Yea the cashier has them.
Rumi: I’ll get them so we can go. Excuse me, my friend’s bags please. Sakiko! I think you went a little overboard!
Sakiko: Really? I didn’t even think it was that much.
Rumi: Much is when you can’t carry all your bags with two hands, but you’re in another league when your bags cover the entire countertop. 

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