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The Fosters Season 3 Finale Review

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Now I know I didn't recap the penultimate episode, but I didn't feel like I needed to because not much happened. However, the stuff that did happen were of epic proportions so much so that I will take the time now to discuss them. 1) Jack, Jude's friend, died at the hands of Callie's and Jude's old son of bitch foster parent. I knew it was him once Stef stomped on his glasses. 2) Brandon and Callie are still in love with each other, but we all already knew that. 3) Mat is still in love with Mariana and Mariana's boyfriend knows since he stole away a note Mat left for Mariana to read. But Mariana confesses her love for Mat anyway so they just have to dump their partners. BTW, Mat's girlfriend is a total bitch. Girl went out of her way to make it seem like Mat didn't want her back. If you have to play these games then you might as well just let him go bitch. 4) Mike and Ana holding hands. Something happened that we didn't get a flashback on. 5) Where the hell was Jesus and AJ?

Now that that's out of the way, I do have to say that the penultimate episode has to be my favorite The Fosters episode ever. I loved that the episode revolved around this one play and the songs were catchy. I found myself singing along to them and I am no fan of Romeo & Juliet. The flashbacks worked really well too as they zoned in on the character to see what they were contemplating about. Really well done. Wouldn't mind seeing a play like this at all.

Now starts the review for the finale.
I agree with everyone who thinks Brandon is acting stupid. You don't just give your money away to some girl that you just started dating. I mean we're talking about $7,000 worth. That was plain old stupid, especially since he's still not over Callie. She is just as dumb for leaving her money in account that was shared between her ex. 2nd of all, why on earth would she bring over a guy to the place that her and her ex share? Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Callie finally realized that Justina is full of shit and so is the bill that she wants to pass. She calls out Justina during a gathering and Justina vows to get Callie back. She starts by spreading a rumor about Callie sleeping with Brandon. When the moms found out, they wanted to sue Justina, but Callie had to finally tell the truth that they can't sue because it's true. The cat is out of the bag. The moms now know Callie and Brandon slept together. Now some people believe Braillie should stop existing, but I am a proud shipper of them and I'll keep shipping them because anyone they've dated so far can't compare to what they have. Actually, anyone they've dated so far just seems like a seat filler until they come to realize that they aren't over the other just yet. So when I finally think it's over between them I'll stop shipping them, but the fact that them becoming siblings still hasn't changed anything makes me believe that nothing will change the way they feel about each other.

I thought with the revelation of Mat and Mariana still being in love with each other would mean they would get back with each other, but that's not what happened. So the kiss Nick saw was actually a goodbye kiss, but Nick didn't take it that way. He burned down the set, which is really sad because it was a good set. His father is an ass and someone thought he was going to kill himself, but that's not what I got at the end of the episode. He could have killed himself anyway, but he bought a gun to school. School shooting people! Mat is a dead man walking and possibly Mariana as well.

Jude thinks God is punishing him because all the boys he's kissed has left him one way or the other. Callie tried to tell Jude Jack wasn't gay, but Jude just tells Callie she's lying like she usually does. Jude kisses his girl friend and it didn't seem like he enjoyed it. At first, I thought the writers were ruining Jude's character by making it seem like being gay was a choice and then I thought well maybe Jude is just bi, but when he explained that the whole God concept, I just said he just has bad luck. I really hope Connor comes back.

Jesus tried to help his father out when he got arrested, but he just made matters worse and now Gabe might be on his way back to jail. Someone pointed out that even though this is a new Jesus, his character has not changed at all. As other characters have grown, Jesus has remained the same and you could make the argument that he has disintegrated and I'd have to agree. I'm hoping that he gets a better storyline next season or I'm going to wish that he would have stayed at that boarding school.

As for Mike, he's now dating Ana. No surprise there, but Brandon did say something that surprise me. He told Mike that he just takes what Stef gives him and that he knows how to handle her more than he does, which is true but you don't say that out loud. And who knows how long Ana's and Mike's relationship will last since Ana ran after Gabe when he left the house after confronting the family about his parole officer.

What do I think will happen next season?
I think Lena will have to deal with the fact that she might lose her job since she had a registered sex offender help out with the school. Speaking of Lena, I can't believe that lying bitch lied about her coming onto Monte still. After everything, just because she's afraid of her mother. Bitch get over it. Anyway, Brandon and Callie are most likely going to be separated. This could mean Callie living with her father or Brandon with his father, but I don't think the moms could trust them being under one roof together. Jesus will still want to bond with his father even though if I was him I would want nothing to do with Jesus. Mariana, yes. Jesus, no. That boy has done nothing right since this show started. Jude will still try to figure himself out. Still hoping Connor comes back. Exes are known to come back on this show. As for Mike, he'll be in a love triangle with Ana and Gabe. Good luck with that Mike. There also AJ but #whothefuckcares about AJ.

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