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S1 E17 & E18
Flashback! Someone isn't dead. So it looks like Alex's father is still alive at some camp and her and J'onn are going to rescue him. Hopefully, they rescue everyone over there as well.

I think half of this episode was flashbacks which wasn't too bad because I got to see Dean Cain. I don't know if Alex and J'onn going on a journey means they won't be in the next episode but something tells me we'll see a glimpse of them. Lucy is now in charge of the DEO and she now knows Kara is Supergirl. Does this mean there's a chance for Jimmy and Lucy to get back together? Possibly. I'm glad she's back in the fold with the group again. I'm hoping she can become a main for next season.

And then there was Siobhan, who just figured out she has powers. I mean she had to accidentally go over a roof to figure it out, but all that matters is she figures it out.

The Flash came to town! I knew The Flash would show up on Superigirl, but I didn't know how they were going to explain it. It was explained that Barry was from another universe, which is why Kara never heard of The Flash and his posse.

Siobhan became the Silver Banshee. It turns out that her family is cursed and the only way for her to get back to normal is to kill the person who enraged her in the first place aka Kara Danvers. Siobhan teams up with Livewire to take out Cat Grant and Supergirl since they're both protecting Kara from harm. Good thing Barry was in town. Although in my opinion, The Flash didn't really do much but get his ass kicked; however, Barry was a huge plus. He was funny, smart, and didn't annoy the shit out of me. First time ever, the people saved themselves and the heroes.

So here's my problem right. I was reading the comment sections and it turns out I'm not the only one who doesn't like Jimmy and Kara and think they have no chemistry whatsoever. I mean even throughout this episode I was thinking damn Barry and Kara have great chemistry. Too bad he has his own show on another network (big ups to Cat for calling out the CW). I also don't like this Jimmy version at all. He's suave and I just want nerdy Jimmy back. I talked about this problem before when I initially saw the premiere episode and that hasn't changed for me. I don't think many people are rooting for Jimmy and Kara to be end game. So far Barry, Winn, and Cat's son all have better chemistry than these two in descending order. James sucks plain and simple.

Now I thought we were going to get a glimpse of Hank and Alex this episode, but instead, we get Non initiating his plans just after Jimmy and Kara kiss. I'm hoping that everyone can forget that kiss even happened. And I really hope that the writers figure out no one wants to see Jimmy and Kara being a couple.

S2 E15 & E16
Finale, Rogelio was saved from his stalker! And it was so cute how he didn't want to cry so much over the ordeal. Super glad Jane decided to stick around even if it meant skipping her engagement party, but this only mean to me that Jane and Michael are doomed together.

Meanwhile, Rafael bonded with his brother who may or may not be using him. Even the awesome narrator doesn't know the answer. Speaking of bonding, Petra wasn't bonding with the Frozen twins, but by the end of the episode she had a moment with one of them.

Alba got sexy with the bad luck guy. I actually don't believe in bad luck. I think the world has a way of balancing itself out, but believe what you want either way the Villanueva women have a huge ass pipe to fix in their bathroom.

As for Jane, she learned a valuable lesson. Not everyone is going to like you and to lose who don't tell them to fuck off. It makes you feel better when you say it out loud. Trust me.

I'm hoping the season starts picking up soon because ever since Michael and Jane got back together the show has been doing par. I used to look forward to this show. I'm nowhere near quitting, but I expect more from this show.

Jane and Michael were looking for the perfect place and they finally found one with the help of their guardian angel Petra. Who would have thought that Petra would start being nice to Jane. Now Rafael doesn't have to bitch about Mateo being away from him.

Rafael and Michael are working Rafael's brother to see what he knows about Mutter. Xo and Rogelio are on better terms and we got to see Charo! Alba was briefly engaged to bad luck guy, but I didn't think he was bad luck because it seems he gets lucky all the time.

As for poor Petra, I don't know if she's leaving for awhile or if she's selling the babies. Okay, not selling them, but giving them up to someone else. Damn, Petra's mother is a cold bitch. The fact that Petra was packing up her suitcase makes me think she's leaving and just when Jane and her were becoming good friends.

S1 E14 & E15
Zapata went undercover to stop a human trafficking ring. Like I always say, sex is easy to get if you have to pay for it, you're not doing it right. Okay, I don't actually say that but I should. Anyway, they shut it down and it just goes to show you that rich son of a bitches really should spend their money more wisely. Try saving the earth or something.

Jane pretty much sat this one out and because of that the tree guy had to send an untraceable email to the FBI so it would lead them to the human trafficking ring, which also happened to save a man from death row. As Zapata put it, the tattoos are helping. They would have never found those girls if it weren't for the tattoos.

Remember that phone call Zapata got at the end of the last episode? Well it turns out some other office was listening to her to catch the CIA douchebag director and they really want to know why he was so into Jane.

Weller still hasn't changed his mind about Reade and his sister and Reade and Mayfair are still looking into douchebag CIA director. So glad Reade got knocked out at the end of the episode. I thought it was the tree guy, but he was busy talking to Jane so I have no idea who knocked him out.

At the the end of episode, we find out that if Jane didn't cooperate with the tree guy (I really don't care for his name) and the people he works for will kill Weller. Well damn, that's not fair. Now she has to play.

P.S. Weller and Siobhan, I like it. I know I'm crossing different shows, but that woman is Siobhan to me and speaking of Siobhan, Banshee just came back and I have to go watch the last premiere for the show.

I knew once we didn't see Cade's body that he wasn't dead. I don't know why tree guy lied. It only means Jane is still in danger. Long story short, Cade was part of the original group to make the tattoos but he defected once he realized the team was no better than those they were fighting against. And so he's trying to kill Jane to end it all because apparently once Jane dies so does this mysterious plan. But now we know a little bit more and so does Jane. However, they just took a huge step back because they now think Cade is dead.

Reade and Mayfair still don't trust Jane, but Reade now keeps his thoughts to himself since he got threatened by a mysterious guy who told him if he doesn't stop looking into the douchebag director that he'll kill his girlfriend (Weller's sister). Reade broke up with her by the end of the episode. It's really sad when the only part of Reade that I like is when he's associated with Weller's sister. I guess it's back to full on hating him again.

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