Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale Review

Hey People,

Yes, I am totally one of those people that was upset with the finale and I'm going to tell you exactly why. How the hell do you not show who was whacked to death? Now I won't be able to grieve or mourn for the lost character. Hell, I won't be even able to imagine what the group would be like if that person was gone. The writers took that away from me. No impact was left after this season finale other than a bad taste in my mouth.

I still think it should Glen and apparently Glen is the one that dies in the comic books so I'm hoping they stick to the script and kill him off here too. Wouldn't it be funny that the luckiest guy in the group is the one that is so lucky that he gets pick. People have been analyzing that scene from the angle it was being shot from and most believe it was Glen. With that I will say goodbye Glen. I don't know why the writers shot it this way, but we know it's you so stop trying to delay the inevitable.

But even though a lot of people were mad at that ending that's not what I was mad at the most. Why the hell did the group persist on trying to make it to the library. If every road you go down leads to Negan's posse, then go back home. What did they think that if they made it pass them and to the library that they would be safe? I would totally think the opposite would incur. I am shocked that no one thought let's go back home because obviously they took over the library. At least at home, they could be on par with them and have home advantage, but no, they had to go see the doctor. This is why doctors should be left at home.

Now there were other scenes between Morgan and Carol that were for the most part a waste of time for the finale, but since I don't think they could fill it with anything better, I'll let it slide. It seems that Morgan and Carol were saved by the Saviors so I don't know what's going to happen. I could that they will infiltrate their group to help save the others, but that is a huge guess.

I just hope next season they are not as stupid. That's all I wish for. Don't start a war, if you can avoid it. Lesson of the season.

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