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Supergirl Season 1 Finale Review

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Since I've recapped all the episodes except the last two, I've decided that there's no reason not to have spoilers in this review. So let me spoil away because there's tons of things we need to discuss, mostly relationships and some future predictions.

I'm surprised that they didn't make this a 2 hour finale because it worked really well when I binged through the last 2 episodes. So let me start off with the good. This show was better than I thought it was going to be. I was thinking of Smallville, but it actually passed my Smallville expectations. It's homey, but also refreshing as in it's nice to see a girl kick some ass. Melissa Benoist was a great pick for Supergirl. Got the dorkiness down and knows when to muscle up and kick some ass. Mehcad Brooks not so much of a great pick, but we'll talk about that later.

Did I ever think Supergirl was in danger? No. Did I think she was going on a suicidal mission? No. Was I scared at any moment? No. When I watch a superhero, I just don't worry about the hero dying on me as much. So the suspense kind of went out the window for me. However, it was still entertaining and you know me, I like a good fighting scene. Wish it was longer though. But the biggest question out there is why can't Kara fly in space? Superman has been known to do this all the time. Hell, directors love getting that scene where Superman is looking at the world from outer space. So when it was said that there was no way Supergirl would be able to get back to Earth, I was like "What? Since when?" If Superman was out on space business then how did he get there? Ever heard of holding your breath? Did the other Kryptonians not just send Astra to space for her funeral? Things weren't making that much sense in that department.

Speaking of Superman, what was up with him? Nature vs nurture? He's still an alien to the planet. He shouldn't have been susceptible to Myriad. I know there are a lot of people mad on how the show is using Superman, but for the most part I'm not one of them. I actually do like the way they use him as in they know he exists in the world and they know if something big like this was happening he would want to help. Some people think he should be out of the country or rather out of the world to explain his lack of involvement during a crisis. Basically, people just want a better explanation on why Clark isn't around to help and I can't hate on them for that.

Let's talk about my favorite relationship on this show--Kara and Cat. Do they have a name yet? Can they have a name? Carat? Katra? Katra sounds better. Whatever, the point is their friendship is what drives this show. Not Alex and Kara that I feel like is shoved down our throats sometimes and definitely not Kara and "James". I still want to call him Jimmy, but at the same time he's not really Jimmy either. Is there still hope that this isn't the real Jimmy Olsen and this James person is actually a Martian? Anyway, back to my point, Cat and Kara have an amazing friendship even though Cat may not see it that way. At least in the finale, she does recognize that Kara is an important person in her life. Kara was promoted and even though we're not quite sure what she's being promoted to, Cat recognizes that Kara is important to her. She said her name right people!

Okay let's just get this out of the way right now. I hate Kara and James. I hate Kara and James. Oh and I hate Kara and James. I really needed to write that out. They have no chemistry and I'm not the only one who's thinking it. Anytime I see them kiss I attempt vomiting and roll my eyes. When Supergirl had to save 3 people from falling off the building, I was really hoping she wouldn't have enough time to save James. I told you from the beginning that this was a bad casting and the progression of the show did no favors for him. As most people have noticed, he is nothing more than a love interest. Even though I like Winn as a friend for Kara, I could potentially see myself shipping them unlike this couple. I'm guessing they're a couple now since there was no rejection to the kiss James gave Kara. I seriously think Jeremy Jordan should have played Jimmy. At least with Winn, he has a more depth. His father is the Toyman for goodness sake. If not Winn, then please bring someone else on because James and Kara is just not working for me.

Even though I said I feel at times Kara and Alex are being shoved down my throat, don't get me wrong, I still like them as sisters. Maybe I just thought the crying was too much because I knew Kara wouldn't die. Who knows. However, I will say that I was upset that the fight between the sisters didn't last as long. I kind of wanted one of them to get hurt. A stabbing would have been suffice, No one had to die. I actually love Alex and Henshaw's relationship more. Seems more natural to me.

Future Predictions
I think Kara and James will start dating and if the writers read my blog, they would end it sooner rather than later. If they were really smart they wouldn't even start it when the show comes back. They'll just chalk it up to another obstacle getting in their way again. Kara will start her new career as a reporter (following in her cousin's footsteps). James and Winn will be doing the same old and hopefully James and Kara don't happen. Alex and Henshaw try to find Jeremiah with the help of Supergirl. Now, there may be a possible love triangle between Cat, Maxwell, and Alex, but I'm actually hoping for Maxwell and Alex (hand holding guys) and Cat and Henshaw (didn't think of that did you? They seem like they would be a great couple). Again, one can only hope.

Who do I think is in that pod? Possibly Kara's mother, or Connor, or even Superdog. I'm really hoping it's the dog. But I actually think the pod is empty, which is why I'm not really pondering over it that much and don't think that much of the cliffhanger. Something tells me they'll leave it empty so Kara doesn't know what popped out of it. This show loves surprises. Overall, great first season, hopefully it's gets renewed, which I think it will.

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P.S. If the writers were truly smart, they would just cast Superman and be done with it. Tom Welling should be available.

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