Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Problem With Supergirl

Hey People,

Okay I really enjoyed Supergirl and can't wait for it to come out, but there was one thing that really bugged me the whole time--Jimmy Olsen. Some might disagree with me, but Jimmy Olsen isn't hot. He's cute on the side of nerd. Mehcad Brooks couldn't pull off nerd even if he wanted to. The show hasn't officially premiered yet so they can still do a recast if they want to. I like Brooks as an actor there is nothing wrong with him, but he's just too good looking to be Jimmy Olsen, plain and simple.

That was my biggest complaint, but overall it was fairly nice for a first episode and it paced itself very well. Not going to lie to you, my favorite moment was when we saw Kara's foster parents played by Helen Slater (my Supergirl) and Dean Cain (not technically "my", but another one of my childhood Superman). The twist with the sister played by Chyler Leigh (so glad she got off that other show) was interesting. Melissa Benoist did an amazing job so I'm not disappointed by the casting.

I'm glad the leak got out because when I saw the trailer for this, it looked like another teenage drama even though she was an adult, but the pilot wasn't like that at all. We still have to wait and see with this one. It's still too early to tell, but so far so good. The quality is already better than Smallville in my opinion.

Luv ya,

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