Sunday, May 24, 2015

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S5 E6
That was just sick, but we'll get to that. Arya took a big step last week. Even though she may not be ready to become nobody, she's ready to become somebody else. I'm glad the show made us realize that she did in fact like the Hound, so she's not completely dead inside. Side note: Those were a lot of heads!

Jorah found out about his father's fate. I have to be honest with you, I would have never had known about who his father was if it weren't for the Previously On Game of Thrones... This is why they have to sum up what happened in the past for people like me. Jorah and Tyrion get caught by slavers. Apparently, dwarves' cocks have magic powers. Tyrion sure knows how to talk his way out of death sentence. Another side note: Tyrion cock isn't small.

Cersei is an idiot. First, she gets played by Littlefinger, and then she thinks she can win without money. Did no one learn anything from the Bush debacle? Anyway, it was great to see the Queen of Thorns. You don't know how much you miss that lady until you hear her speak. I bet good money that the Sparrow will try to take over the crown. Religion should never rule because chaos will always follow it. Everyone knew Loras Tyrell is gay. Denying it was stupid and so was holding a trial about it. Now the queen and Loras are in jail.

Ramsay is a sick fuck, but we already knew that. Reek had to watch as Sansa lost her virginity. It freaked me out, but at least GoT did it with taste. They could have shown some nasty shit with this, but they didn't. It still left me feeling horrible though. I was hoping Theon would kill Ramsay, but it didn't happen. Sansa Stark, I hope you know what you're doing.

S2 E3
Leave it to Penny Dreadful to make me tear up over a character we just met. They made me like and they took Joan away just as quickly. Not cool.

Last week, was a blast from the past episode. We got to dive more into Vanessa Ives past and how she met her first witch, Joan Clayton. Vanessa was looking for a way to be cured of her curse and she's still looking, but Joan didn't offer her a cure, instead she offered her knowledge. This is how Vanessa became aware of witches, herbs, and how to read cards. She also learned how to talk in the devil's tongue. I'm guessing that she didn't see Mrs. Poole because if she did, she wouldn't have acted like she didn't know her at the seance. Joan was a part of the same covenant as Mrs. Poole until she was kicked out because she didn't want to praise the devil. Joan tried to protect Vanessa, but Mrs. Poole used the town people against her and got her burned, not at the stake, but by hanging. She was dying anyway so I don't know why Mrs. Poole couldn't just wait it out.

Joan wanted Vanessa to stay, but Vanessa still wanted to try and save Mina. Joan left Vanessa her property and something tells me this won't be the last time we see this place.

Vanessa never shared this story with anyone, until Mr. Chandler. One step closer to them being together. We didn't get to see anyone else in this episode and I didn't really care. As long as I get my Vanessa Ives dose, I'm good. #MyLittleScorpion

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