Sunday, May 24, 2015

Game Of Thrones: Was It Rape?

Hey People,

I tried to stay away from spoilers so I didn't know their was controversy over this scene. The Cersei and Jamie scene last year was clearly rape. I don't care what the people on the show say. She said no. If they wanted to portray a non-rape scene, they failed miserably. However, this one I can understand why it's being debated over. However, this is still rape. Just because someone doesn't say no, doesn't mean it's an automatic yes. Just like if someone was passed out and you wanted to have sex with said person, it's still considered rape even if the person didn't say no. Someone can still be raped in marriage as well. Just because you put a ring on it, doesn't mean you get a free pass for a lifetime. You could argue that she didn't fight back, although it's not necessary to fight back for it to be rape. You could even argue that most women don't enjoy their first time, But seriously, if Sansa was given a choice to have sex or not have sex, I'm pretty sure we all know what she would have chosen. I just go with the rule, if you have to think if it was consensual or not, then it probably was not.

I think most people are just sick of people being raped on this show, to be honest. Someone wrote that Sansa being raped means a new queen is being born. That's a really sad realization because doesn't that mean all the potential and passed queens on the show have been raped, except Arya? It's sick and I have to agree with people that I'm sick of watching it happen on Game of Thrones.

And to all of those who keep saying it's a TV show, it's not real, to those I say that's our point. It's fiction and so they choose to add this in the show. I get that it was based on the books and they combined characters. I'm not really upset over that, but more of the fact that it keeps happening. To put it bluntly, this shit is getting old.

Luv ya,

P.S. What scares me the most is that people don't recognize rape when it's staring them right in their faces.

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