Friday, May 22, 2015

The Blacklist Season 2 Finale Review

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The 2nd half of the season was so much better than the 1st. I was so close on giving up with this show, but I stuck it out and I'm glad I did because I'm looking forward to the next season with Liz on the run. With that said let's get to the review.

Liz was setup by The Cabal and it turns out that The Cabal has shit on everyone just in case people get out of hand. I loved the twist with Cooper. It's the biggest twist so far for me. I knew Cooper wasn't going to die, but I didn't know how they were going to save him and I hated the idea of a cure happening so I'm glad to find out he was never sick in the first place. The Cabal just made him think he was so he would play ball. Now he has to go save his wife from going to prison and I don't have much hope for him there.

Tom finally left on his boat. Man took forever and a day to leave. I hope his ass doesn't come back. Before he left, the Keens got it in one last time. Someone described it as hot. Nope, more like boring to me. I liked how it was shown, I just don't care for them as a couple. Please tell me his character is done now? I really see no need for Tom anymore. The comments I read about him just want Liz to end up with him. He was relevant before (Liz struggling to keep her life and Red separate) and now it just seems to me that he's useless other than being Liz's love interest. If the writers can come up with some interesting story for him that involves Liz, then maybe I would be okay with him coming back, but as for right now, he's a pointless character.

There are some, who are rooting for Ressler and Liz. I never thought of them as a couple and I still kind of don't, but now that Ressler will be hunting Liz down, it would be rather interesting to see what happens there. Ressler did let Liz go after all.

Now for the big stuff. Liz is a fugitive and she killed Tom Connolly. He was a motherfucker so no one is going to miss him, but now she's on the most wanted list (just like her father?). I don't understand why people still think Red is Liz's father. He isn't. Don't you think she would know who she killed? Yes there's still a chance whoever Liz killed wasn't her biological father, but I highly doubt it. I still think Red played a major part in her parents life (maybe he was in love with her mother and vowed to take care of Liz when she was gone). There is so much up in there air about her past and in the 1st season it made me comeback, but now it's just annoying that we still don't know. At least we know more now than what we knew then like Liz is Russian and her mother was a spy. Sounds ridiculous, but isn't the whole show a bit ridiculous when you think of the premise?

Let's not forget that Red has released the fulcrum to the press, but they didn't seem too impressed of the info they were given. Watch them all turn up dead by the season opener. I just don't think they'll have time to show Liz on the run and the gang exposing The Cabal, but I may be wrong.

I will be back next season because I really want to see this play out. I want to see Red teach Liz how to be on the most wanted list and stay on the most wanted list. I want to see evil Liz, even though she's not really that evil, but she definitely has a dark side and we saw a bit of it when she killed Connolly. I want to see more of that Liz.

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