Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Good Wife S6 E19 Review

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So what happens now? Two big things happened in this episode: the Democratic Party fucked Alicia over and Cary is willing to testy against Bishop and is therefore fucking himself over.

I kept telling everyone to how faith in the Kings, but some of you were like I hate this season, it's not as good as last season. I hate the campaign. Just be patient people. Although, I do have to admit with those that said they wish they came out with this story earlier. The season is almost over and it's just about to get good. Now this is a review so I'm guessing you already have seen the episode because I'm going to run through some theories with you.

Did Peter set up his wife? Even I don't think Peter is that cruel, but I have to admit I didn't think that he could. However, like someone mentioned Peter knows the ins and outs of politics, he and Eli should have known what would happen to Alicia, right? I have to say, I'm very torn. But no matter what Peter did, I do hope that Alicia goes down swinging. I hope she takes them all on to the point that they beg her to take the seat. And if Peter is a part of it, well then season 7 will be very personal indeed. It will be Peter vs. Alicia and it will get nasty. Now that I think about it, I actually hope Peter is involved just so I can get to see it.

As for Cary testifying against Bishop to stop the SA from persecuting Diane over the metadata debacle, there is no way Cary will die. Since Matt Czuchry is signed on for another 2 years with the show, I know there is no way Cary is going to die, but that doesn't mean Kalinda is off the hook. I still doubt Kalinda will die because a character died last year and since the prosecution was going after Diane and not Kalinda, I doubt she'll go to jail for the metadata. However, I'm still hoping we find out whatever happened to Kalinda's husband. I seriously think that story-line will pop up in the end. I really don't want Kalinda to go without knowing what happened there and I also don't want to see her go without having one last drink with Alicia. We, viewers, deserve that after years of them not being together on screen.

The season is coming to end soon and I'm just hoping nothing is left on the table with Kalinda and it goes out with a bang.

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