Saturday, July 19, 2014

Will You Be My Servant? (10)

Rumi: You seem preoccupied.
Haya: I’m sorry can you repeat that again, Master Rumi.
Rumi: Who is she?
Haya: Who?
Rumi: The Master you wish was here instead of me.
Haya: I don’t know what your—
Rumi: It’s okay. You don’t have to lie to me. I’ve noticed your gazes in the distance as if you were looking for someone. So who is she?
Haya: Master Kitoaji Kioko.
Rumi: I know her. She is very sweet and kind.
Haya: She truly is. She’s…amazing, but many Servants would like to have her as a Master as well.
Rumi: And maybe she only wants you as her Servant.
Haya: That would be—
Rumi: Amazing?
Haya: Extremely.
Rumi: Go.
Haya: Huh?
Rumi: Go find her. She’s probably is dying to see you too.
Haya: I don’t know about that.
Rumi: Well how would you know, if your still here with me?
Haya: But what about the forest? I can’t let you go in there by yourself.
Rumi: You have been with me all day and as much as I’ve been enjoying your company your mind is on someone else.
Haya: But you could end up lost in those woods all by yourself.
Rumi: Don’t worry. The stars will help me find my way back if I do.
Haya: Are you sure Master Rumi, because I will stay if you command me to.
Rumi: Go Haya! That’s an order.
Haya: You really are sweet like she said you would be.
Rumi: Servant Yamanaka Anika thinks too highly of me.
Haya: It wasn’t Anika who told me. It was Servant Mizuno Kimiko.
Rumi: Kimiko told you?
Haya: Yes, she said that you really weren’t a pervert at all and that you were—there’s Master Kioko now. Thanks again Master Rumi.
Rumi: Wait! But what else did Kimiko say!? She couldn’t answer my question before she left? I can’t believe it! They still think I’m a pervert!? I have to put an end to that rumor. At least Kimiko knows the truth. Kimiko thinks I’m sweet!

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