Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Under the Dome S2 E4

Dear Diary,

WTF is with this chick, Rebecca? We need to thin the heard.  Who's next? Who talks like this? She's a frickin teacher! I'm surprised she didn't say the baby should go first. All they do is eat and poop. Kill a single mother, okay. Kill a baby, that's where I draw the line.

I decided to follow Barbie today. Although, I have to say I'm about to kill him myself. I can't say this out loud because the Dome might hear me. I guess a noose around your neck changes a person. I thought it was just Big Jim, but Barbie is acting strange. He's okay with the killing as long as he gives the go ahead on it. Is this the same guy who was distraught about killing a man for days even though he wasn't that good of a guy to begin with? But he's okay with slaughtering innocent people. Yea that totally makes sense. And when we met up with the kids, why was he against M.C. from finding the truth?

We should go to the house.
Barbie: No.
I need answers.
Barbie: Fine.
We should go in the woods.
Barbie: No.
We need answers.
Barbie: Fine.

I do not understand him at all anymore.

I should mention that I did see Junior and the Crazy Hair Barber (I really have no interest in learning his name) together. Why he's out of jail? I don't know. But I do know it's a sad day if I see something wrong and I say I don't give a sh*t. What is the Dome doing to me?

When I found out that M.C. died in 1988 I was expecting something epic happened to her, but no.  Chick died being pushed into a ditch. I was just so disappointed. But the Dome has a way of making it up to me by letting me see Junior knocked out on the floor. I guess I should have given a sh*t.

When I followed them back, I heard that Big Jim and Rebecca are in jail. I'm a little upset that I missed that. Apparently, they planned to unleash a virus. Survival of the fittest yada yada Darwin and all that jazz. Why are the crazies always in charge?

There are 2 things I learned today:
1) When in doubt,  Windows 8
2) The Dome is love, the Dome is life

Luv ya,

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