Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Will You Be My Servant? (11)

Megumi: Aw c’mon, it’ll be fun.
Kimi: Scaring people is not fun to me.
Megumi: Well someone has to do it.
Kimi: It doesn’t mean it has to be you and it’s really not necessary at all.
Megumi: It’s a tradition. Of course, it’s necessary. Every year the 1st ranks, who are us, have a duty to scare those who enter the woods. The One True Pair of 2nd year came to us and said it. Do you know how much of an honor that is?
Kimi: I’m not comfortable doing this.
Megumi: You don’t have to be because I am. All you have to do is just stand here by my side.
Kimi: I don’t think that I can even do that.
Megumi: Well you’re going to have to. If you can’t do a simple task such as this, then I wonder how well of a leader you’ll be to the Servants. Where are you going?
Kimi: I can’t stay here. I refuse to play a part in this.
Megumi: Fine. But for the future, if I say play, you will play. Do you understand me?
Kimi: Yes, Master I do and I hope you understand me when I say I am not your Servant yet and who knows, maybe I’ll never be.
Megumi: You see that’s what I like about you. Even though you’re inferior to me, you act as if you’re my equal, as if, we’re the same.
Kimi: Oh trust me I don’t believe we’re the same for a second because unlike you, I’m human.
Megumi: I know when I recognize my own kind, Kimiko. The only difference between you and me is you know how to hide it better. You are just as ambitious and just as dark as I am, maybe even more so. It’s only a matter of time before other people see it too.
Kimi: Have a nice night scaring others.
Megumi: You’ll be fine getting back?
Kimi: Yes, like I said before—
Megumi: I know, I know just making sure. Aah, my first victim has arrived and look who it is…
Kimi: What— (Bang)
Rumi: Ow ow ow ow ow ow owwwww!!!!
Kimi: Ouch! Master Rumi? Is that you?
Rumi: Kimiko?
Sakiko: GHOOOOOOOOOST!!!!!!!!
Anika: Wait! Master Sakiko!
Sakiko: Huh?
Anika: What are you doing running in the forest like that? It’s dangerous.
Sakiko: Did you not just hear me screaming at the top of my lungs, ghost?
Anika: There is no such thing as a ghost.
Sakiko: And I am telling you that there is because I just saw one.
Anika: Where is your Servant?
Sakiko: Where’s your Master?
Anika: I left her, to find Master Rumi.
Sakiko: That’s what I thought.
Anika: What about you? I thought you would be lurking around Master Itoe and Natsue.
Sakiko: I do not LURK! I was searching for them, but this forest is so big I couldn’t find them.
Anika: So what happened to your Servant?
Sakiko: Listen, I’m not having a good night and I don’t need you pestering me with questions.
Anika: I’m sorry, Master Sakiko.
Sakiko: No because you clearly don’t get it. I was rejected today by a Servant that I don’t want, Itoe is with Natsue, the Servant that I do want, and Natsue clearly wants Itoe to be her Master and not me.
Anika: So you do notice.
Sakiko: I’m not blind! I know Natsue prefers Itoe over me. And to top it all off, I’m in a fight with Rumi. Like I said, not having a good night.
Anika: I know I can’t solve your issues but I can give you advice.
Sakiko: Wow, I didn’t think my night could get any worse but you prove me wrong. I don’t need advice from a Servant. Especially one, who’s Master is clearly going after another Servant.
Anika: I know you don’t like me Master Sakiko, but when it comes to wanting someone who doesn’t want you back that is something we both share. But unlike you, I’m not going to give up because I know my heart will reach her and we will be paired together as one.
Sakiko: Where are you going?
Anika: To find my other half.
Sakiko: I’ll come too. I want to tell her exactly what you just told me. I guess we do have something in common. What’s the matter?
Anika: A raindrop.

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