Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Reasons Why Castle Is Ruined (RIP Caskett)

Hey People,

So I know this is a recap and all, but I'm totally going to use this space as a rant this time because I need to vent on Castle. I thought having new showrunners would do Castle some good, but that turned out to be a huge mistake. I think they're worse than the last ones because they broke the 1st commandment of Castle--Thou shall not mess with Caskett.
I chose S7 poster to show
how gloomy this situation really is.

Let's start out with the good (this may be a short paragraph). I actually loved how they shot the show--how they dived in and out of the past and present, so when we were looking at footage, it wasn't just us looking at a screen of a screen. I also liked how we got to see Beckett's view in all this. I thought we might not since Stana Katic was busy at the time with her movie. They also still managed to get Beckett and Castle to figure out something together. I also loved...nope that's it.

Onto the hating. I really didn't hate the episode that much. Overall, it was a good episode, until that ending. That ending seriously ruined Castle as a whole and here are the reasons why. But before I get to that can I just say that Castle's step-mom was so fucking random. I was like umm okay chick. It's nice that you saved Beckett and all, but you seriously came from left field. $10 she's behind it all. Will Beckett even tell Castle about his step-mom? No more secrets my ass. Okay, back to the hate list. By the end of the episode, Beckett chose to investigate further into LokSat and the only way for her to do that without putting Castle in harms way was to leave him.
  1. How is leaving going to solve anything? You're still married to the guy. Don't you think the people who are going to come after you can still see you're married and still threaten to kill Castle? They did the 1st time (with spiders I might add), what's to stop them a 2nd time?
  2. Why does Beckett still have an obsession? Didn't she get over this in the season 4 finale when she was hanging off the side of a rooftop? This makes no sense. Her mother's case was more close to home. If she could over that, then why is she hanging onto LokSat, something that she doesn't know shit about.
  3. Beckett chose LokSat over Castle. I don't care what she tells herself, she chose LokSat over Castle. No one was going to come after her or Castle anymore, but because of her "obsession" she can't let it go and so she chose LokSat. The ending conversation basically went like this:

    Beckett: I'm heading out.
    Castle: You're leaving me?
    Beckett: Do you trust me?
    Castle: Always.
    Beckett: If I come back, I hope you will still accept me. If not, that's totally cool. I understand.
    Castle: Why can't being my wife be enough for you?
    Beckett: Peace motherfucker!

    Okay, it didn't go down like that at all, but that's how I perceived it in my head.
What irritates me the most is this: No matter what case comes along now, Castle will always be #2. There will always be another case and that's why Beckett getting over her mother's case was so important because if she can let go of that, then she can let go of any case. But if the "obsession" is still there, then what's the point of Castle sticking around when she'll just go run off to go solve another case. Castle doesn't deserve this, which is why I totally advocate for Caskett to officially breakup.

Like I said before, I was really intrigued to see how the writers would handle Caskett because they were in a tough position. They had to move the story forward which only meant 3 things--a baby or a promotion, or both. They went with promotion, which made sense at the time because they didn't know if the 7th season would be its last and we all know Beckett will be a senator one day so it would have been a nice ending for us to know the prophecy was coming true. Come season 8 premiere, they had to deal with their decision. Beckett chose to be a captain instead of a senator, which was fine because the show did this just in case they came back (Castle is a cop show, not a political one). The problem then becomes Beckett is desk bound and so how do we keep being a cop show with Beckett at her desk and Castle still by her side? Okay, I actually agree with what they did for this for the most part. I thought coming up with the Attorney General plot was genius because it is classified, which makes it justifiable that Beckett wouldn't tell Castle. However, I think instead of Beckett choosing to not run, she should have opted to run. That way, it would actually seem like Beckett was putting Castle 1st by not wanting any harm to come to him (even though it still will since it's public knowledge she's married to him), instead of her being a selfish bitch and choosing to solve a case. It could have been really cool to see Beckett on the run. They could have alternated the perspective each episode like they kinda did with these past two episodes.

Damn, they really should have just gone with the baby story.

Luv ya,

P.S. Why can't drama writers write dramas where the couple don't go through a break-up? Comedy writers do it all the time.


  1. You're spot on. The new idiot show runners have completely ruined the show. They're also lying by saying everyone is cool with it on Twitter. But 90% of posting on social media is slamming them and this horrid season.

    1. Oh they definitely know about the backlash. They're probably playing it cool because their job and reputation are on the line. They wanted to bring back the will they, won't they aspect of the show back because people were complaining about the couple being boring. For the record, I was not one of those people. I was totally fine with them last year. The only thing I hated last season was Castle's missing story. This is what happens sometimes when writers listen to fans. They try to correct it and just make matters worse.

      Like most have point out, we've already been down this road with them. I mean, they are literally quoting phrases from the last time we had to deal with Beckett's obsession. In the end, they should have either let Beckett quit her job and join Castle's PI, which I don't totally agree with since she is career driven, but could still have worked because her motivation before was her mother and when that was over, it was just solving cases with Castle (emphasis on the with). Or, like I said here, she could have chosen to go on the run.