Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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Hey People,

I did watch Rosewood and I've decided to pass on it. Rosewood is in the same category as Bones, Castle, and Forever (still missing you), but it isn't as good as any of them. I still wish it luck and hopefully Morris Chestnut can be in a show that I can actually watch.

I used to be able to find recap videos of Empire, which I thought were way more hilarious than me writing about it, but it seems like they aren't doing them anymore. Oh well, back to the old way.

S2 E1
Lucious is still in jail, but he still has his power since he not only stopped Cookie and the gang from taking Empire away from him, but he also killed a major threat to his family. I'm kind of upset that Chris Rock was only used for 1 episode. I read some comments that said Chris Rock was miscast and you could definitely make that argument, but I think it's just because we've known him for so long as the funny guy that it's hard to see him as a thug, so it's really not his fault, and therefore, I can't blame him.

Cookie had her best line of the night talking to Boo Boo Kitty with her "You can't even dyke right". I had to stop the video and laugh for a few seconds there. Andre is still worried that someone will find out about what him and his wife did to Vernon. Hakeem hasn't done anything in the studio yet and if Jamal has his way, he's never going to.

Speaking of Jamal, he's now back with his "little Mexican" and I'm glad he's back, but Jamal is no longer the Lyon to root for. As people have stated, his personality has done a complete 180, and there's a reason for that. During the end of last season, Jamal got a taste of what power feels like and he finally got the approval from his father that he desperately desired, so it makes sense why he's all of a sudden acting out and kicking everyone out of the house. He likes having daddy's approval, but what he will soon learn is that road will only lead to loneliness.

Some people thought last week was scattered, slow, and boring, but I thought it was well paced (slower paced than any of last season's, which I thought was a good thing) and finished some stories that weren't finished last season. I don't know what the rest of the season will be about, but you know I'm going to continue to watch.

P.S. When Jamal kicked everyone out, was I the only one thinking that his auntie is still upstairs with her noisy kids?

Luv ya,

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