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S1 E1
That was just some plain old good action. I would describe it as a mini movie. I would describe it as a POI type show, except in this case Finch type character, aka the boss, might be evil. Person of Interest characters always struggle with morality, always questioning themselves if what they're doing is right. There is no questioning in this show. Rich people are gambling on other people's lives. Morality be damned.

Even though the premise is similar, it does separate itself to avoid others calling The Player a copycat. The only reason the player wants to be the player is so that he can find out who killed his ex-wife or didn't kill his wife. Let me explain real quick. The player was going to get back with his ex-wife until someone ending up killing her because the player was a threat to their evil plan. That's when the player meets the pit boss and the dealer. The player can only use the dealer as a resource, but she's a very good resource so that's nothing to hate on. She's basically The Machine. I actually thought for a second that she was an actual machine, but in the end of the episode, it is revealed that she has some connection to the ex-wife, which made her a bit more interesting to me. The player decides to be the player when he realizes that the body that laid in the morgue was not his ex's body (her tattooed wedding ring was not on her finger), which meant the pit boss (and we shouldn't rule out the dealer just because she's a lady) is behind it. They are the only ones who could pull something like this off. So for the player to get answers he decides to play their game and I'm placing my bet on him because like the slogan says "Never Bet Against Him."

P.S. Philip Winchester, I remember you from the Crusoe days. I liked that show just because it reminded me of Xena/Hercules/Beastmaster days. He was definitely "fit" to play the character and Wesley Snipes seems to be enjoying his part. The interrogation scene pretty much displays that.
P.P.S. I can't believe some people are saying POI is better than this show. You can't compare a show going into its 5th season to a show and has achieved greatness to a just aired pilot. Comparing similarities is okay though.
P.P.P.S. I'm already worried about The Player's numbers. It didn't do so great right out the door, but hopefully with a better lead, it can do better. I don't need another Forever situation already happening to me. I'm still not over Forever yet.

S2 E1
I have to say that had to be the best premiere from a returning show I've seen so far. Where do I even begin? Let's start with the case. I'm not sure if they're doing a case each week or it'll just be focused on one case for half the season, I'm hoping for the latter because one of the downfalls of the last year were the cases-of-the-week. This case deals with two adopted kids, who possibly killed their parents for money and then by the end of the episode, the aunt who testified against them ends up dead. Right now I totally think 1 of those kids did it and eventually they're going to need 2 separate lawyers to represent them. And let me just add that I totally think they are boning each other. That is all.

Let me get the theories out of the way. So there is one theory going around that is picking up some steam about Bonnie (we'll get to what she did in a minute) being infatuated with not Sam, but Annalise. At first, I was like no way, she always had those lingering gazes for Mr. Keating, but what if they weren't because she was infatuated with him, but because she was infatuated with Annalise. Remember that crying scene on Annalise's lap? That could totally be looked at in another way, when you think abut it. It could explain why she wants to please Annalise so badly. And now that we know Annalise is bisexual, there is a possibility that it's true.

That's right y'all, Annalise gets down with both teams and even though I was surprised by actually seeing Annalise get down with her old college girlfriend, I wasn't surprised that something happened between them. They hinted as much when we first see them meet. I instantly said, "Something happened between you two in college, right?" They shared a vibe that I picked up on. BTW, I just have to say that I love Famke Jenssen. She oozes sex appeal to me.

So the last theory that has been going around since last season is Annalise being Wes's mother. I'm still not a fan of this theory because Wes's mother killed herself when he was 12, so how the hell could Annalise be his mother? This theory needs to go away because it makes no sense. Plus, the way Annalise touches him and protects him makes me think their is no maternal feelings she has for the boy. Also, at the end of the episode when Annalise was doing her dialogue, when she said "lover" referring to who could be a killer that's when we finally see her shot on the floor. Makes me think there's some foreshadowing going on there. Do I think Wes shot Annalise? He's capable of it, but I don't think so. In this show, things never appear what they seem. I mean, look at Bonnie.

I ruled Bonnie out with my theory last time. I thought why would she get involved with these crazy people. She has nothing to gain from getting involved, but see that's when I thought Bonnie was sane, but that bitch is psycho and I didn't add that to my equation. I didn't make any sense to me why she would do it until Annalise explained that she still wants Sam to be the good guy in her eyes or maybe it's something that Annalise couldn't even think of which was Bonnie doing anything she could to protect her from getting hurt. In the end, it doesn't matter because that bitch is psycho.

In other news, Asher is avoiding Bonnie, because he's being blackmailed by a prosecutor. I'm not sure I even want to root for them now. A part of me still wants me to, but another part of me is saying that bitch is psycho. I'll tell you who wins later. Connor moved in with Oliver and Michaela texted Eggs 911 and Eggs 911 texted back. Why they don't just trace the number is beyond my comprehension. Obviously, that person still uses the number so the cell phone is still on.

I'm looking forward to tonight.

P.S. I totally think Annalise is using Eve to get what she wants because she's a psycho too. She's just a psycho, who uses her sex appeal to manipulate men and women.
P.P.S. Michaela being attracted to gay men is hilarious. She has the best gay-dar ever. Too bad she doesn't know how to use it properly.

Luv ya,

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