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How To Get Away With Murder Season 1 Finale Review

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Part 1

S1 E14 & E15
Before I get down to this season finale review, let me start off by telling you a true story. There once was a teenage couple, who were very Catholic. I'm talking about believed everything that the Bible said Catholic. But this teenage couple loved each other so much that they couldn't wait to get married to have sex, so they decided to pray an hour before the act, and an hour after. The girl ended up pregnant. Why? Because the church condemns the use of condoms and they thought using them would be more of a sin. Their parents made them get married at a young age. Moral of the story: If you're going to sin, sin all the way. Don't half-ass a sin.

I went to Catholic school for 12 years was even an alter server so this case-of-the-week was an interesting one for me personally. Are all priests pedophiles? No. But even I knew some that are now in jail thank God. Not my parish, but a close one near by. Actually, Philadelphia had a huge scandal because the previous Archbishop was moving real pedophiles from parish to parish. Sickening isn't it? So that much is true in the story. Anyway I told this story because I couldn't stand how the priest would sin by killing a man, but wouldn't sin all the way by telling what he heard during confession. Actually, he already broke it when he told Annalise, so that made no sense right there. He changes his plea (again) so the whole case was pointless and he was guilty anyway so whatever.

What was happening with Wes and Rebecca was way more interesting. Wes and Rebecca did not trust each other so when they were having sex, I just said to myself, "How can you guys stand each other right now?" Lying every time they said, "I love you." I don't know what's worse, their first sex/autopsy scene or this one. In the end, Rebecca got info on the school's policeman who saw them that night. Silly Rebecca, don't you know threatening lawyers who have nothing to lose and everything to gain if you're out of the picture is a bad idea? I must be watching too much The Walking Dead because I thought they killed her, which would be more interesting if they did. TWD is making me think evil things.

Part 2

Okay after watching the 2nd part, it turns out someone did end up killing her. I'm not as evil as I thought I was. Bye-bye Rebecca. I swear Katie Findlay gets murdered in every show she goes on now. She's the female version of Sean Bean. So we find out Rebecca isn't the murderer and she finally told the truth that she was in the tank which is why she was wet that night. She honestly should have told Annalise this in the beginning because Annalise goes that extra mile to save her clients. She would have gotten off and be alive, but now she's dead. Everyone was right to suspect Sam killing Lila because he did, not directly, but you are still held accountable if you call a hit on someone. Once I saw that he called it in, I knew Frank was the killer. I'm not a hitman my ass. I'm glad Annalise didn't tell the kids Rebecca was murdered. They're already freaked as it is. I'm guessing this time they'll use the incinerator to dispose of the body and I swear, the Keating house is a deathtrap.

In other news, Bonnie and Asher are still as cute as ever. They are just night and day and I love it. Connor and his boyfriend got HIV-tested. Connor is negative, but Oliver isn't. I'm pretty sure Connor is still going to stick around. Always use protection people. Michaela turned down Aiden's mother to get back with his son. I thought it was because he met some ratchet ass female, but no, he was just getting to know his gay side and mama was not having it. As for Nate, I believe he will take Annalise on her offer. We'll have to wait and see next fall.

My Theory

Now there's a new murder to solve. Who killed Rosie Rebecca? Just so we don't get lost here, Sam hired Frank to kill Lila. Wes killed Sam in self-defense to protect Rebecca and now someone has killed Rebecca. Everyone had a motive to kill her so it really could be any of them. My best guess--Laurel. Frank is the easy target since he already killed Lila and I doubt the writers would have him kill again. Besides, hitmen follow orders and Annalise didn't give the go ahead. Annalise isn't the type to get her hands dirty. Wes has already killed so I doubt it's him, plus he was still in love with Rebecca after everything. We can rule out Bonnie and Asher since Asher is clueless and Bonnie killing Rebecca would do more harm than good since she wasn't involved with this mess to begin with. That leaves Connor, Michaela, and Laurel. I only chose Laurel because she kept bugging Frank to take care of it and since he wasn't going to do it, I'm guessing she took care of it herself. She's smart enough to pull it off than any of them even Annalise. She did hide Michaela's ring after all (brilliant). That's my logical guess. If the writers want to go for a surprise, they'll choose either Connor or Michaela, most likely Michaela since talking to her ex-future step-mother made her realize she isn't the girl she pretended to be aka she realizes her future is no longer bright because she was planning on killing Rebecca.

I'm still wondering if Sam's sister is going to be a threat since the actress is getting a new show. It would be weird for her to just up and disappear when she's been watching every move Annalise makes. I swear, I can't keep up with how many times The Keating Gang change their stories. If I was the prosecutor I wouldn't believe anything they said.

This season finale was definitely a step up from the midseason finale. I'm glad I stuck with it. I can't wait for season 2. September is so far away.

Luv ya,

P.S. Who did Rebecca text? Eggs 911? Is this text correction at work? And what's with Annalise and Wes? I highly doubt Annalise is Wes's mother unless she lived in Haiti, but there's definitely something. I just don't know what.

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