Thursday, December 11, 2014

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S1 E9
Carver was given one day more day to work the case and boy did he work it. Mark and Beth are still having problems. I knew that bowling thing wouldn't solve anything, but I still wonder what Beth sees in him that she wants to work through it. All Mark does is complain about Beth seeing Paul, while he already cheated on her. This guy is a hypocrite, an annoying hypocrite. Forget therapy and dump him Beth. At least Dean was invited over and they had a nice family dinner together that is until Dean spilled that Danny went hunting with Vince without Mark and Beth knowing.

If Susan Wright wasn't scary before, she is definitely scary now. Her husband used to rape her eldest daughter and when her husband tried to rape the youngest, the eldest tried to stop him, but the husband ended up killing the eldest. Eventually the cops arrest the husband and the husband claimed the Susan knew about what he was doing the whole time. Susan was pregnant at the time and so she lost custody of the youngest and her unborn. Guess who turned out to be the unborn--Vince. I was right on the last Previous.

Vince is now the prime suspect with all the signs pointing to him, which is exactly why I don't think he did it. His car was used, Susan said she saw him on the beach, he went hunting with Danny, and he has Danny tattooed on his upper arm (which yes is weird).

Paul handed over what was left of the hard drive Tom tried to break to Carver. He told Carver what Tm tried to do and told him that Tom threatened him saying if he didn't hand it over, he would tell the police that Paul hit Danny. Carver told Ellie indirectly about the computer by having her look for it so she could bring it to work tomorrow to have it looked at.

We finally find out what happened in the last case Carver worked. It wasn't him who botched it, but his wife. She was having an affair with another detective and when they went to celebrate together in a hotel, she left the evidence in the car and the car was broken into. Bye bye evidence that would have convicted the suspect. Carver didn't want the truth out there because he didn't want his daughter to find out about her mother. I knew he was a good father.

This is the big one tonight the series finale (there's no way this show will get another season like Broadchurch and it was supposed to be a 10 episode event anyway) and we will finally find out who killed Danny. Tune in people!

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