Sunday, December 7, 2014

Reign S2 E9 Diary

Dear Diary,

It's always a saint's day around here and this time it's St. Nick's. I had to make preparations for it and let me just say it would put anyone in a nongiving mood. Next time you want to be in a giving mood King Francis, give it your damn self. And no, handing out 1 isn't enough.

Claude is asking about DB Sr., which means she's interested in him. Hopefully she can marry him and he can take her far away from the castle so I don't have to deal with her again. But it looks like that won't happen since I heard Mary is trying to make Claude and Conde happen. So cousins marrying each other. What else is new? Claude decides to marry Conde finally realizing that she has a duty to uphold. I'm pretty sure DB Sr. didn't take to kindly to getting turned down. Isn't this the 2nd time this has happened within a few weeks from each other?

Greer may have thought no one was listening, but I sure was. So she's becoming a Protestant, I didn't know converting could be done so easily, but then again it's not like the Catholics are setting a good example by killing people of different religions just so they can keep their power.

There were a bunch of soldiers that have been running around like crazy and then all of a sudden the bells started to ring. WTF is going on? There was a rumor going around that Mary looked desheveled when she came out of her chamber, possibly raped, but when I saw her sit on her thrown I knew it couldn't be true. She didn't look broken at all. She looked like a true queen and death are coming to those who tried to assassinate our king.

Luv ya,

P.S. I saw DB Sr. go into the baby's chamber. I swear this guy doesn't give up. He needs to learn when to quit.

*Note: There was a serious topic of rape this episode that Adelaide Kane (Mary) gave a special message at the end of the episode. Sexual assaults happen all the time to both men and women and most aren't done by a stranger, but by someone you know. Talk to someone, anyone, if you've been sexual assaulted. Don't let your voice not be heard because there is always someone willing to listen.

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