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S2 E8
Bellamy came out of the closet and now everyone knows he's a returned. Maggie may have found a cure using the stems of Rachael's unborn baby. Speaking of the babe, Janine has basically kidnapped Rachael to protect the child from harm and also to separate Tom and Rachael since Tom is in love with Rachael, which isn't a shock to anyone. However, Tom may be a returned this episode since he was run over by Carl who attacked his church to antagonize the returned. I felt sorry for Carl in the beginning of the season, but now he's crossed the line. You don't hurt my Tommy.

In other news, Maggie forgave Lucille for her outburst at her mother. If she didn't she would have been a hypocrite since she wasn't that nice to her mother in the beginning either. Elaine is still taking care of her brother and no one knows if this stem cure might work or not. Henry just made a deal with the devil since Margaret didn't tell him the truth as to why his partner backed out of the deal and now he has put his house as collateral. You know this isn't going to end well.

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S1 E7
Okay I may be slow to the party, but I just realized the title song is about someone dying. How depressing. But, if you don't like depressing you can always look at it like I will from now on by thinking at least this death created life. If you haven't really listened to the song I suggest you do to understand what I'm saying.

Anyway, there is no He Said, She Said, Truth because they were both on point this time. So they're both winners. I think this is the first time their stories are this similar to each other. Even though nothing really happened this episode this episode other than the spouses finding out, it was still a necessary episode because it showed who really cared for whom.

He Said

Oscar blackmailed Noah about the affair and eventually he couldn't take the stress it was giving him even though he got the $10,000 from his best friend and told his wife everything. She knew it was Alison.

She Said

Noah left her a note in her basket on her bike. When she put some food in it, it got stick to it and the receiver of it was her stepmother. Her stepmother burned the note even though she desperately wanted to see it. When Alison went to visit Oscar to make peace and a brother punched Oscar, Oscar thought it was a good time to disclose Alison's affair. This is how her husband found out. She thought they needed a breather from each other so she went to New York to visit her bestie. The whole time she was thinking of Noah and even visited his wife's job and their house, only to be shunned when Noah saw her. Her husband came back to find out who the guy was and she told him it was Noah. They ended up driving back home and to start over by making another child.

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