Sunday, December 7, 2014

Gotham Midseason Finale Review

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S1 E10
It was all about the 2 future love birds for this midseason finale. The show focusing on Bruce and Cat for once was a nice change that should happen more often. I like the cases-of-the-week in this show, but if I could have more of this, I would gladly accept.

A kill squad is after Cat for knowing the Wayne's killer because Harvey Dent leaked Gordon's name, which led to her. So Cat and Bruce were on the run together the whole time and we got to see a face we haven't seen in a long time--Ivy. That girl is so weird, but I would love to see her more. Alfred is a bad*ss and teams up with Gordon and Bullock to find Master Bruce. Meanwhile, even though Penguin knows who the mole is in Falcone's life, he hasn't disclosed who it is yet.

Gordon becomes the scapegoat out of this whole mess once Bruce is found and safe and Cat is once again MIA. He gets reassigned to Arkham Asylum where we will probably see a lot more villains. But I have a gut feeling that Gordon will be working on another project while there and that's to find out who was buying up all those Wayne stocks and following the breadcrumbs from there.

The best scene of the night goes to Cat and Bruce sharing their first kiss together, which was so adorable. Everyone seems to like this pair already and it's hard not to when you already know what's the future is for them.

I read this article on how this person was quitting the show because as he explained no one's life was in danger this whole time because we already know what will happen. Therefore, the danger for Bruce and Cat was never really felt because he knows they can't die and actually none of them can die except for Fish Mooney. Man had a point, but that doesn't stop me from watching because I never really knew Batman's past, I only know when he became the Bat and I think that's what keeps me coming back. Granted I would love for this show to switch the focus from Gordon to Bruce, but for some reason it doesn't want to do that. Probably because the writer wants cases instead of teenage drama. However, a lot of people liked this episode more than the cases-of-the-week because it focused on the kids, so I say why not. Gordon is fine and all, but I don't care about his personal issues. You already know how I feel about Barbara. But I do care about Bruce's personal life and I rather watch how he deals with it than Gordon's grunts about the system and how he'll take it down because we know he won't succeed. I rather watch Bruce size up the people in his company and take out the rich (because we all know the root of evil is money) and watch Bruce become the leader of Wayne Enterprise than Gordon's cases. Just my opinion, but more serial, less procedural. See you, Jan 5th.

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P.S. 2nd best part of the show was not seeing Barbara.

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