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How To Get Away With Murder Midseason Finale Review

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Okay, I watched this like a week ago and I'm writing this out now because I needed time to process what I saw. Don't get it twisted, it's not that it surprised me so much that I needed time to calm down from the shock. On the contrary, I was coming up with a way to not sound like a douche because I do like this show for what it is--entertainment. Let's be honest here, the cases-of-the-week haven't been that great, but that didn't stop me from watching and I'm pretty sure most people agree. So why am I afraid that I might sound like a douche? Well because I kind of called this while watching the first episode. I didn't post my feelings about it, but that's because it was the most absurd idea. I mean, haven't you ever thought of the least probable situation occurring and then all of a sudden that's exactly what ends up happening? Because that's exactly who I pegged was the murderer--Annalise. She was least likeliest to kill him and even better was the fact that she wasn't at the house during the night of the murder, at least that's what I thought at the time. However, I was wrong, but I wasn't that far off so when it was revealed that Annalise knew the truth, all I could say was "Oh" and not a ohhhhh, but a oh. I know so many people were shocked and amazed by the end of this episode, but to those who were like me and knew Annalise was somehow a part of it, this episode was definitely better than any of the previous episodes, excluding the premiere, but still not the best thing you've seen like some were claiming and dare I say over-exaggerating. I will explain to you why this episode ruined the show for me.

I will only discuss the scenes that were new since some of them were shown throughout the season and were already discussed. So let's start off with Annalise and Sam having it out with each other. I agree with a person who wrote about how some of these lines are terrible. I don't think many actors could pull off saying some of them, but even as corny as it sounds Viola Davis makes it seems less corny, almost normal. If you don't believe me re-watch their encounter. Their argument almost seemed like foreplay to me. I thought they were going to go make out at any moment, but that all ended when Sam told Annalise how he really felt about her.

So then comes the fight--Sam vs. Everyone. Rebecca goes inside the Keatings house to download his phone info onto a flash drive. Sam doesn't like the idea and attacks Rebecca for the drive. The scuffle leads to everyone trying to get away from Sam. When Sam goes after them Michaela tries to stop him and he ends up going over the railing. Let me stop here and say that this incident is actually debatable on whether Michaela is liable for Sam's death. I totally understand how they would want to cover their tracks at this moment. The only thing I was questioning was how they were the ones breaking into his house when the Keatings house has been open for them all the time and the door is left open for them as well. It's hard to forget how Wes entered while Annalise was getting down with her bad self or maybe I should say someone was getting down on her. Besides it was an emergency and Michaela called them over.

Press play, and we see that Sam wasn't dead at all. I can't believe none of them checked if he was. Sam was chocking Rebecca and Wes knocked him over with the first thing he could find--the statue. This is not murder, I repeat, this is not murder. This is clearly self-defense if you're protecting someone because you are afraid for their lives. At this moment I don't know why they didn't call the cops. The only person who would likely go to jail is Rebecca and that's because she was there trying to steal files, but they could easily have lied about that and said she went there to confront Sam about murdering the dead girl or whatever. The point is the cops could have been called at this point and no one would have to go to jail. I was so upset over this scene that it ruined the show for me. I never cared for who killed Sam. I wanted to know why he was killed and how did everyone get involved if it only takes one person to kill someone. This show should be renamed How To Get Away With Being A Law Student And Not Knowing What Self-Defense Looks Like. I know it's really long name, but in my defense, it was already a long name to begin with. I did, however, read someone guessing it was Wes who killed him because he would do anything for Rebecca and I agreed with the comment. Wes has this fascination with Rebecca and I think it's bordering on crazy. This goes into my new theory, which I'll talk about a little later.

Okay so it's kind of funny how the 2 quiet people were the masterminds behind the cover up. Just goes to show you the quiet ones are the dangerous ones. But I guess Annalise is a mixture of the know-it-all and a quiet. Most people agree that Annalise went to the Statue (I am going to call Nate that from now on because did you see his chisel body. It's a piece of art) for an alibi while her students were working on destroying Sam's body. Then she went to her house and left a sad message to make it seem like she wanted to workout her marriage. This all happened after she saw Wes come back for the statue and I'm guessing she told Wes exactly what to do and he tried to follow directions to a "t". However, he was very insistent on the incinerator, which I think was part of Annalise's plan and will come back to haunt them since Wes was outvoted and they dumped Sam's body in the trash.

In other news, Laurel uses her relationship with Frank to return the trophy Michaela stole from Asher. Random fact: Bonnie and Asher are super cute together. Bonnie gets a call from Annalise asking Bonnie if she's with Sam. But since Annalise knows everything, it's just another ruse. Michaela signs the pre-nup because I'm guessing she thinks he will divorce her if he finds out the truth. She did say that if she signs the pre-nup it was like admitting that their marriage wasn't forever. Connor tells his lover that he has a drug problem instead of telling him the truth.

Let me just say before I get to the end that I loved Viola Davis's real hair. Forget the wig and just rock that. The truth finally comes out in the end and some people even noticed that the scales are missing on the statue. Here's what the Keating Five need to worry about:

  1. The scales missing from the statue
  2. Michaela's ring missing
  3. Rebecca calling the cops
  4. Body not being incinerated
There may be more. If I'm missing any, let me know.

New Theory

I'm like 100% sure that Sam was actually telling the truth for once and did not kill Lila. My new theory is that this isn't the first time Wes killed someone and that he actually killed Lila. I seriously think he was Lila's stalker and because all he did was stalk and never studied, he was put on the wait list. When he found out Lila was sexing Sam, he confronted her and she ended up dead. Because of his mother dying when he was young, Wes gets attached to women very easily. This also explains why he chose that room that has nail markings along the wall because that's where he killed and maybe raped her. I know it's far-fetched, yet very plausible since this show is already out there to begin with.

Reviewing this show has made me calm down and even though I think the cover up was stupid because it wasn't murder at all so there shouldn't have been a cover up in the first place, this episode wasn't as bad as I originally thought. So now that the show has caught up with the present, I wonder how they will keep telling us the story. I definitely know for sure they will have to give us more detail of that talk between Annalise and Wes. I'll see you back here on Jan 29th.

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