Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Affair S1 E8: He Said, She Said, Truth

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It's been awhile since we did one of these, but it's not my fault. The show doesn't keep the same format for each episode and it's also been fun writing about their homes lives as well since that's been getting more action lately and for me, has been more exciting. I decided to do one for this episode because it seems like the show is going back to the original format and the stories were so different that we had to discuss it. I honestly don't get how they could mix up the story so bad. Alison's grandmother died, you would think they would remember the details of that night. Anyway let's get to it.

He Said

Noah goes in his wife's place to represent the family for his father-in-law's award. There, he meets Alison, who he hasn't seen in months. He tells her he can't and she said she knows he can't. F-i-l takes Noah outside and tells him he knows about the affair and some BS story about how he cheated on his wife with a student who was his muse for his first book. He broke it off with this girl because he couldn't picture his future with her. When the event was over and everyone was leaving, Noah sees Alison talking on the phone and looking upset. He walks over to her and asks her what's wrong and she tells him her grandmother had a heart attack and she doesn't have a ride to the hospital. Noah offers her a ride and eventually she gives in on his offer. When he drives her to the hospital, she asks Noah if he could come in with her, but Noah thinks it's not his place to be there and so Alison exits the car. When Noah goes back to his f-i-l's house he asks him did he ever regret not being with the student. He answered with a every f*cking day. This makes Noah go back to the hospital to be with Alison. He sees that the grandmother is dying as he enters and he wakes up Alison to advise her to console her grandmother before she goes. We then see Noah driving his van to the lighthouse with Alison sitting in the passenger seat.

She Said

Alison has a catering job and when she finds out it's for Noah's father-in-law she tries to get out of it, but instead is put on coat duty because they were understaffed. Alison was mesmerized by Noah when she saw him. But it was actually when Alison was not paying attention is when Noah noticed her. They go outside to have a smoke together. Noah te
lls her she's beautiful and Alison responds by telling Noah how good everything has been between her and her husband, so much so that they're trying to get pregnant. As Noah starts walking back inside, Alison gets a phone call from the hospital. Noah drives Alison to the hospital and then he tells her he can stay if she wants. Alison meets her mother at the hospital and she tells Alison that she needs to sign the "Do Not Resuscitate" form. Noah decided to stay. Noah tells Alison that she should sign it, because it's a act of compassion. After the deed was done, Alison's mother said she was leaving because being in that town wasn't good for her. Noah drives Alison home. In the car, Noah confesses that he is in love with Alison and Alison feels the same.


Well we know for a fact there was a celebration for Noah's father-in-law and in both cases Alison's grandmother dies, everything else is up in the air. I'm more inclined to believe Alison because she should remember more about the events that lead to her grandmother's death, but then again maybe she was blinded by grief. In Alison's side, the big L word were exchanged. I'm the romantic type, so even though they were said, I was not feeling the moment. It was equivalent to them saying "See ya tomorrow." Just was not feeling it at all. So the winner tonight isn't the most logical choice, but the story that I enjoyed watching the most. Come get your prize--Noah. I just like the fact that he tried to stay away from her and that he didn't want to wonder what if with her.

Meanwhile, the detective is all over the place. First, he's at the funeral for Scotty and the reading of Noah's book. He double checked at The End to see if Noah was there and it turned out he cancelled his reservation and then the detective smiled and asked for assistance with his car. This cop is up to something.

Can I just say I'm actually surprised neither of the spouses asked for a divorce. They seem way too understanding about this.

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P.S. Blair Brown again I see you twice in one day.

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